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BC2Boston offers students a night at "The Nutcracker"

Photo by Alexis Tedesco / Gavel Media

If there is one thing that UGBC does well, it’s BC2Boston. Thanks to this section of student government, my friends and I had the luxury of attending the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker in the beautiful Boston Opera House. This year the Boston Ballet boasted new scenery, costumes and choreography.

The changes in the scenery were quite noticeable, and it was absolutely breathtaking this year. The battle scene between the mice and the nutcrackers was a highlight of the night. A large green curtain decorated in Christmas ornaments and lights floated up towards the ceiling until presents as large as the people appeared in front of the tree.  Suddenly the audience was able to see the perspective of the mice and nutcrackers while they fought under the tree.

Photo by Alexis Tedesco / Gavel Media

Michela Shalvoy, LSOE ’14, has studied ballet all her life and said she enjoyed the new changes.

“I love going to the Nutcracker every year. I went annually as a little girl to start the Christmas season,” she said. “For a while, Boston Ballet used the same choreography, so this year it was good to see a new show.”  Shalvoy said in particular, she “liked this version because the choreography was a little more complex.”

The Nutcracker and our first snow ushered in the Christmas season perfectly. If they are anything like me, I can only imagine that every girl left that show wishing she were a ballerina, too.