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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 9: Lobster Crawl

This week was all about Robin, Barney and their ongoing love tug-of-war. Yes, you probably expect me to gripe and criticize the writers for this, but I was actually slightly, slightly more intrigued during this episode. I love when funny Robin comes out, and I have a soft spot for Barney’s deeper side. Thankfully both were featured in this episode. Oh, the toils of romance.

Robin turns into a giddy, overtly flirty teenager around Barney because she realizes she wants him as soon as she finds out she can’t have him (when ultimately we know she can, but I won’t go there). Classic mind game right there.

It always seems to happen this way; the intrigue of the unattainable drives someone to fall in love with the person they could have had without an issue. Word of advice: if you want someone who doesn’t want you back and are desperate enough to go to great lengths to get them, cut them off. Pronto. They will crawl back in no time.

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So here we are: Barney cuts romantic ties with Robin and she begins a mad and borderline-creepy pursuit of Barney. If you’re wondering what happens in the end, I would fill you in but literally nothing happens. Robin goes to hook up with Barney one last time only to find him enjoying some cookies and milk with Patrice and she storms off. Now, we should all remember Patrice, Robin’s over-the-top, bubbly coworker who is obsessed with Robin despite the fact that Robin can’t stand her.

Personally, I think Robin needs to give Patrice a second chance. Sure, she’s a little annoying but come on, she’s practically made up of rainbows, sunshine and the laughter of babies. Not only that, but she gives you cookies when you’re sad. Where can I sign up to hang out with her? Anyway, she makes Barney feel better about the fact that he has no direction in life. Poor, Deep Barney.

On a related note, Patrice doesn’t deserve it, but every time Robin screams at Patrice for wanting to help her, I can’t help but laugh.

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On the side, Ted is babysitting Baby Marvin for Marshall and Lily and he is way too aggressive with that role. I mean seriously, taking the kid to see Santa for the first time? I can see watching the baby’s first crawl; Ted can’t help that. Right place, right time. You snooze, you lose, Marshall and Lily.

But Santa? That’s a whole new level of Christmas joy Ted is stealing right there. I find relief in that flash-forward that tells us Lily and Marshall get revenge. (Side note: did anyone else see the potential for a future spin-off series featuring their family lives in this flash-forward? Food for thought).

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So now we’re left with the imposing question: how do Barney and Robin reconcile? This is literally the only thing that is keeping the intrigue alive with this relationship, so we’ll have to wait with bated breath until next episode.


Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS for Episode 10!

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