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What NOT to say during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

The Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to air today at 10 PM on CBS and the usual slew of Facebook statuses and tweets are already popping up on social media.  Apparently Justin Bieber and Rihanna are set to perform while the scantily clad lingerie models in angel wings walk down the runway.

Photo courtesy of Il Edison/Flickr

For the life of me I cannot possibly figure out why any audience would watch the show.  What girl wants to watch an unrealistically perfect body strut down the runway in lingerie they are considering buying?  Do guys actually know that there is a fashion show on T.V. tonight?

Nevertheless, there must be an audience if it’s on T.V. and every form of my social media is bombarding me with reminders about the event.  That being said, if you do watch the show I am going to ask that you stay away from five common things that no one can wants to hear you gripe about during the catwalk.


1.  “Oh my god, I like totally can’t eat ever again if I want to look that good.”

Whoever decided that those models' bodies are at all a realistic goal, or even attractive? I understand that they may look good in underwear, but the prospect of starving yourself just so people can see your ribs seems a lot less enticing than looking good in underwear.


2.  “This would be a great Halloween Costume!”

Trust me, I know girls told themselves and their friends this at some point during the year considering the countless number of girls I saw dressed up in bras and angel wings on my news feed.  This is not at all a way to gain respect, and it certainly is not a creative costume to begin with (props to B.C. girls because most of the ladies I saw dressed like this on Halloween went to other colleges).


3.  “Ugh, seeing these girls makes me so depressed!”

Only you can force yourself to sit there and watch starved girls strut down the runway.  Only you can sit there and compare yourself to this idealized body type.  Either way, if you feel out of shape, go to the gym instead of sitting on your couch to watch television.

Photo courtesy of Flickr


4.  “Why do guys insist on watching this stuff?”

Because they are men.  Do not unrealistically think that if they have any idea that this is on that they won’t take the chance to ogle at walking sex.  Can you blame them? If all of a sudden David Beckham decided to do a one-man fashion show modeling underwear you and your girlfriends would probably sit down to drool over that.


5.  “I wish I could date someone this attractive.”

This is mostly for the guys.  The idea of ever meeting, and dating, a woman that looks like this is completely unrealistic.  Unless you want to spend time talking to a girl on a dinner date that doesn’t actually eat anything and can only discuss all of her time in the gym, you don’t want to date a Victoria’s Secret model.  And if you do think this, there is absolutely no reason to ever plaster this across social media, as any girl you are interested in will probably be offended. You’ll come across as immature and desperate.

Photo courtesy of Wonder Lane/Flickr

So if you do sit down and spend some time tonight gazing at the Angels, please remember to enjoy responsibly.

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