Road to Glory: 10 ways to prepare for study days

Correctly preparing for study days is the one thing standing between you and that stellar GPA that’s going to get you into a great medical school or land you that dream job. Here are 10 simple ways to succeed.

10. Say your last goodbyes. If you have one of those moms who is always texting you and asking what you’re doing, now is the time to inform her of the study coma you’ll be in for the next week or so. Sit her down on Skype or Facetime and just lay down the law. Same goes for significant others that don’t go to BC and don’t understand that it really is necessary for you to stay in the library for 36 hours straight before your biology final.

9. Decorate your room. Getting in the holiday spirit is absolutely critical to success. If you have not done so already, immediately invest in string lights, window decals, a mistletoe clump or two , stockings and some fake snow to sprinkle around the floor. There is only one rule when it comes to decorating: you can never go overboard.

Even if you think you’ve got it pretty much covered, you don’t. You should probably go back to wherever you bought those 50-foot lights and buy 10 more boxes plus an extension cord. Extra points if you sneak in a real Christmas tree.

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8. Make a playlist. After studying for an hour, it really is a good idea to take a break. Prepare now by making a playlist of pump-up songs. Suggestion: shake it up. Instead of the same iTunes Top 10 mix, find dubstep and a capella remixes of your favorite songs. You’ll be wide awake after hearing them completely demolished.

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7. Throw a party. I’m not talking a rager in your dorm; that’s the last thing you want to do after putting all that effort into decorating. Open your door and invite friends, people on your floor, even those loud obnoxious boys who play video games every night in the room above you. There really couldn’t be a better time to air the grievances of first semester so you can come back in January to a friendlier environment. Remember, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Leviticus 19:18).  Blast some Ke$ha or Carly Rae Jepsen and let the good times roll.

6. Go outside. Take a jog around the reservoir before the most exercise you get every day is the walk to and from the vending machine in O’Neill. Not a runner? Go for a walk. Too ambitious? Sorry. Maybe just stick your head out of your window and take a deep breath. Just kidding, the screened windows make that impossible. Hang some pine-scented car air fresheners around you and watch some clips from Planet Earth. Ah, nature.

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5. Watch a movie. Pick something you have never heard of before. All those random foreign films on Netflix that look disturbing and really confusing? Go for it. That awful horror film your weird friends have been dying to see? Sit down and enjoy. Nothing will keep you awake during finals week more than the nightmares you’ll have after watching a winner like Human Centipede. Trust me, I know.

4. Lose your phone. Not sure how? Ask one of the many freshmen that seem to lose various objects between the Mods and Upper on Friday nights. They have that down to a science. Wait until study days start so you aren’t completely out of touch.

3. Treat yourself. Order in, go out, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure it’s more indulgent than Versailles because the only “indulgence” you’ll have during finals week is a constant intake of sugar and caffeine that will result in a serious stomach ache and some really unsteady hands. Go crazy.

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2. Stock up on supplies. Interpret this how you want, but I really mean cleaning supplies. Last thing you need is to get sick during finals week. Bring hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and some rubbing alcohol wherever you go. Wear gloves and a face mask if possible. This may draw some attention, but I guarantee you’ll have at least a table (if not the whole room) to yourself when studying in Bapst or O’Neill.

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1. Read a newspaper. Before you completely shut yourself out from everything going on around you, see what’s happening outside of Chestnut Hill. You don’t want to be “that kid” who didn’t know there was no more world hunger or that aliens really do exist. That would just be embarrassing.


Happy studying!

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