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BC tree lighting warms students' hearts

Photo courtesy of Gillian Freedman/Gavel Media

Boston College’s traditional Christmas tree-lightening ceremony drew students to O'Neill Plaza this Wednesday, Dec. 5, where the plaza was set ablaze with cheers and applause. Students and faculty enjoyed free treats—hot chocolate and yummy cookies. Musical groups such as the Acoustics, the Bostonians and the Dynamics performed at the ceremony. The warm ritual brought the BC community together to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

At the ceremony, there were a lot of interesting activities, the most popular one being taking a photo with Santa Claus. Even though it was a typical December night in Boston--that is fairly cold--people waited in the long lines  to have their picture taken and printed instantly.

"We’re lucky because we actually had a big show last Friday so we just sang songs we had already sung. So we didn't need to have a lot of preparation. The first one is Carol of the Bells, which is a traditional Christmas song," said Paul Wagenseller, A&S'16, and a singer for the Bostonians. "It is a lot of fun, it is good to hear different groups singing. You know, I was surprised by how big the crowd was," he said.

Photo courtesy of Gillian Freedman/Gavel Media

“Even though I was a little bit late for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, I still had a lot of fun here,” Donny Wang, CSOM’ 16, said. As an international student, it was the first time he spent his Christmas celebration event in America. “I spent my first Christmas in France when doing a culture exchange program with my host family, however it is the first time I attend this kind of activity… I met a lot of friends here and even though I am not a Christian, I think it is a good way to have fun during this intensive finals season," he said.  "I love BC!”

Some seniors and juniors said that they felt like it was just a normal annual event but still enjoyed this gathering. “It is exactly the same as the previous tree-lighting events,” Jasmine Uduma, A&S '13, said with a smile on her face. “Even though I have experienced this many times in my life, I still want to come and share the excitement and happiness with others,” she said.

Other holiday celebration events are also underway on campus. This Saturday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. in Gasson 100, the University Wind Ensemble will perform “A Christmas Festival of Music”. The following weekend, the Robsham Theater Arts Center will host “Christmas Reflections,” to celebrate the Christmas season through the performance of music, story and dance.

Photo courtesy of Gillian Freedman/Gavel Media


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