Opinion: Wouldn't an old-fashioned dance be better?

After attending an almost all white, conservative Catholic high school with a population of approximately 400 students, I was beyond excited to go to college. I couldn’t wait to see all the people I would meet— especially the boys. I thought that I would be immersed in an environment where the boys would ask you out on nice dates and were ready to be in serious relationships.

It came as quite a shock when I found myself in an environment where you met people in a crowded room, soaked in sweat and beer, where people grabbed your behind to show that they were interested in you. I know I wasn’t alone when I came into college expecting to find a relationship and was disappointed not to find one after the first semester of college.

To be honest, I was much like this: http://mylifeasakitten.tumblr.com/post/29719565088/college-relationships

Now, it would be a lie to tell you that you’re never going to find a relationship in college because I know a good amount of people in relationships. And as a sophomore girl, I’ve started to notice that many of my girl friends are starting to want something more than a sloppy hookup strongly influenced by alcohol.

They don’t necessarily want a relationship, but maybe just a nice date or even slow dancing to Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice instead of grinding up on someone’s junk to Akon.

The problem is that many of my guy friends aren’t ready to give up the hookup culture. As they get older, they evolve from the lowest form of life (freshmen boys) to the highest form of life (senior boys who host parties), so why would they give up when they’re in their prime?

Most of my guy friends told me that, even though they know that “She wants the D” is shifting towards “She wants that R—that relationship,” they probably won’t look for a relationship until junior or senior year, mostly because they will be more mature then.

So, my advice to all my ladies and gents looking for a relationship is to just go with the flow and not expect anything. You may or may not find one, there’s no guarantee either way. We’re young and a lot of us come into college to test the waters and to figure out what we want in a relationship.

We’re in a unique bubble for a short four years, where consequences aren’t as big as it is in the “real” world, so enjoy yourself and you’ll most likely find a relationship when you least expect it.

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