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Top 10 things you didn't know about student services

I am a very lucky work-study student in the Communications Department in the Office of Student Services. This time of year, my eight hours per week generally include working with print and online course catalogs and updating them with the most current information. I’m part of the team that makes sure each entering freshman gets the clearest information as far as deciding a major or what courses to take. Since my start day at the beginning of the school year, I have found out many interesting things about the inner workings in the Office of Student Services that might go unnoticed by the average bleary-eyed student waltzing in to buy a new ID. The following list might make you wish you had my job... but so be it! I love my job!

10. Every time our fantastic hockey team wins the Beanpot or an NCAA championship, Student Services is usually able to put the trophy on display for students to look at and take pictures of it.

9. There’s a mass of offices and cubicles—a maze if you will. It’s like a game trying to get through there.

8. You have to swipe in to get access to the office. James Bond style.

7. They put in a lot of hard work to make sure your time here goes as smoothly as possible. My job requires great attention to detail, as do many other jobs within Student Services, and it’s all for you!

6. They know how to decorate! If you aren’t (for some odd reason) feeling the holiday spirit, then try to stop by the Office of Student Services. I can’t walk anywhere around the office without inhaling the sweet scent of cinnamon. Wreaths, mini Christmas trees, green, red, white—you name it. They even have a menorah and a Kwanza display near the front office.

5. There are a lot of nice, funny people sitting in the depths of the first floor of Lyons—some graduated from BC, some haven’t—but no matter what, they all enjoy talking about everything Boston College-related.

4. It’s a nice work environment: every time I come into work I feel happy to be there. I can listen to my music while I work, and people are very accessible if you need their help or just want a conversation.

3. There’s good food! On certain days, employees (like myself) will be able to help themselves to pizza or Klondike bars.

2. They treat their work-study students so nicely! I got about a five-pound bag of supplies to help me get through finals, which included candy, snacks, highlighters, and a water bottle (to name a few). I also got a cute bag of candy for Halloween.

1. They love talking to students! A handful of people in the office have told me it’s the “best part of their day” if they get a chance to talk to a student. There’s a “Meet Your Financial Aid Counselor” event in January. Stop by to learn more about the work behind financial aid rewards. Do stop by if only to meet some really nice people and get some free snacks/refreshments and enter a raffle to win a free T-shirt. Really people, what could be better?

All photos by Katie Levingston


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