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Addazio’s energy infectious in introduction

Lifting up his sports coat to unveil a stocky, offensive-lineman stature, newly appointed Boston College Head Coach Steve Addazio joked, “If you look at me I haven’t missed many meals…I am ready to have some macaroni in the North End.”

Addazio expressed his gratitude for being able to coach at such an incredible school as Boston College, mentioning its important proximity to the great city of Boston. With great humility, he emotionally claimed, “This is my dream job—I spent my entire life—my coaching life for this. I’ve been at a lot of great places…[everyone] knew that one day I wanted to be at Boston College.”

Photo Courtesy of City of Philadelphia/Flickr

Addazio's words roared from his mouth when he spoke of the hard work and commitment on the horizon, referring to an off-season sure to be filled with grueling team workouts and the formation of a “family culture.”

“I’m here for the long haul and I’m here to win championships,” said Addazio, who previously coached at Temple as head coach and won two BCS national championships at Florida as offensive coordinator.

Although Addazio went 13-11 at Temple in two years, the energetic 53 year-old dealt with Temple’s transition last year from the MAC to the Big East—a process that created a considerable talent gap between UT and the rest of the Big East squads.

He is highly regarded and respected across the country. On Addazio’s new job at BC, Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said, “"Coach Addazio has a passion for college football and a passion for life. His contagious enthusiasm and confidence will be very well received by his players, staff and people around him."

Junior defensive end Kasim Edebali had plenty to say of Addazio, who he met before the press conference in a team meeting.

“There is always a little uncertainty about things like this…But this man walked in the meeting, started talking—and you heard him in there—his energy just took over. Everybody just started nodding at each other and saying ‘yeah'.”

The most striking quality Addazio possessed—at least at the press conference—was his ability to energize and instill passion among people. Coupled with his smash-mouth, blue-collar defensive philosophy, the prospect of authentic Boston College football returning is looking better than ever.

Referring to the chemistry evident between Bates and himself, Addazio said, “To have a good football program, Brad and I must be totally aligned—I’ve never felt more in synch and more in line—I couldn’t feel better about that.”

The night Addazio was officially hired, Brad Bates commented to reporters that Addazio showed incredible interest in the job and meshed well with the athletic department’s mission.

Bates’ reflections were confirmed at the press conference. Addazio said, “I want to be here and finish my career here…I want to retire here.”

At a place where the tenure of a head football coach can be very brief, Addazio seemed bent on proving history otherwise. His dream has been to coach here for quite some time.

“I always said: one day, I’d love to bring my team on that field. You are going to get the best of Steve Addazio. I won’t let you down.”