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BC Twitter account: @BCFashionPolice

In today’s society clothes are so much more than just a piece of fabric. They are an art form. Whether you choose to use your clothes as a medium to showcase your unique personality or as a way to blend in with the status quo, choose wisely. Whatever the result of that simple, mundane task of getting dressed each morning, just keep in mind that each piece of material you put on may be judged with the utmost scrutiny by a new Twitter entity.

Worried that you are making all the wrong fashion choices? Check out BC’s very own Joan Rivers, the hilarious twitter account @BCFashionPolice, which critiques every outfit it features down to the minutest detail. Although no names are mentioned, no feelings are spared.

Think that the tattoo you got last weekend behind your parents’ backs makes you seem more mature and hard-core? Think again. @BCFashionPolice says, “If I can see the cliché butterfly tattooed to your muffin top, its time to invest in a) looser pants and b) a shirt that covers your belly.”

Others may try to forge a new path and break the BC status quo of leggings, a Barbour jacket and Frye boots by creating their own personal style. @BCFashionPolice will have none of that. Even though you may not be shopping at Bloomingdales, this does not give you permission to throw together an outfit resembling what you wore to a middle school dance and deem it acceptable. “Another day, another pair of rhinestone-studded jeans #whatashame #BCFashionPolice” since “Juicy Couture wasn’t cute in 2006 and it’s not cute now #lemmeupgradeya.”

So tomorrow as you pull on that super-cute “vintage” skirt of your mom’s from the ‘80s, take a moment and reflect. Is it really “vintage and so adorable,” or is it the ugliest skirt BCFashionPolice has ever seen?

And if you didn’t understand that last reference, this Twitter account is not for you.


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