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Opinion: Home is where the heart is

I really do believe home is where the heart is. My heart lies in many places. I consider one place to be my childhood home away from home at the Doroski’s across town. My heart lies with the Trinity Episcopal Church of Gulph Mills congregation who helped me grow spiritually. I feel home in the arms of many. I feel home when I’m with family. I feel home when I’m with my friends from Hardey, Kinross, Ayr, and now Ignacio.

The Heights will always be a home for us. And I think we can all agree that it has changed as time passed. Freshman year, it was always exciting and new. Sophomore year it was more stable and it felt great to return to. Junior year it was multi-faceted. We had many places to go of all kinds. And now senior year it has become extremely nostalgic. I’m trying to ingrain each sunset in my memory…every laugh, every cry. I love this home in Chestnut Hill. In fact it is often hard to leave. But once I do, everything is okay.

When I go home to my parents I feel comforted. I feel rejuvenated. It is the closest thing to a constant that I know. My parents have grown into themselves now that their nest is empty. And I am no longer who I was when I lived there as a child. My brother now resides and serves in Hawaii on Honolulu. He unfortunately won’t be home for the holidays. But somehow the smells are the same. My room has not yet become the cliché transformed bedroom to gym. The town is still reminiscent of what it once was. The same feelings come back when I return.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the bitter finals season that comes before makes it difficult to get in the holiday spirit. Anxiety rises to an all-time high. All that get’s us through it is the fact that we will be in our loved ones’ arms soon to celebrate life, being together, the holidays, and the start of a new year with friends and family. There will always be my home in Wayne, Pennsylvania--where I knew every quirk, cranny and corner. Or at least it felt that way when I was little.

The truth is that wherever you feel home, there are many more crannies to explore--whether that be the hearts of your loved ones or in the city where you live. We have to appreciate the places we go and the people we know because time passes fast. Don’t feel regretful when you move on from somewhere, but you should strive to see as much as you can. Do everything you want to do.

So break a leg on these papers, projects and exams. Go home and be jolly. Fight that itch to come back here because we will reunite all in good time. Start this year off with a resolution to make the world your home. Don’t be afraid to get out into it because this life is too darn short.

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