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As we all prepare to postpone studying for our finals through our procrastination mediums of choice, you may find yourself wondering, What else can I do to procrastinate? Look no further, because here are 10 shows that you can stream instantly on Netflix to save yourself from the mundane procrastination standbys of Facebook and Twitter.

10) Supernatural

This series follows brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and creatures of the supernatural world in search of their father. This drama is really more for the vampire-fearing and ghost-believing type, but if that’s your thing, this show was made for you.

9) Weeds


Wikipedia calls this show a “dark comedy-drama,” but all you need to know is that it rocks. A single mom of two boys begins to sell marijuana to support her family after her husband dies. Not the best message, sure. You can’t help but empathize with Nancy Botwin as she and her family become more entangled in illegal affairs.

8) Arrested Development


This sitcom never quite took off despite six Emmy’s and a Golden Globe. No matter though, because now you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix instead of studying for finals! The story of a family that went from riches to rags and their struggle to stay together is full of drama and comedic relief to keep you hooked. Plus, the fourth season is set to air on Netflix this spring, so there is no better time to catch up.

7) Friday Night Lights

Most of us know someone obsessed with this show and if you’re anything like me, you wondered, ”How?” This show is worth a chance. Not simply a show about jocks going through their boring boy and sports problems; this show is touching. Along the way we experience shattering setbacks and tremendous triumphs that give us a window into the lives of those dedicated to football.

6) Frasier

Arguably one of the best comedies ever to air with a record tying 37 Emmy Awards, the life of Dr. Frasier Crane played before our eyes for 20 years of his life. This is exceptionally appealing to anyone looking to procrastinate because there seems to be no end to this series on Netflix. Be forewarned: this show is really, really addictive. In twenty minutes, Dr. Crane gets himself into more trouble that you can laugh about than any other television character.

5) Breaking Bad


This is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, shows on television right now. Its complexity in addition to its human drama create a satisfying yet always suspenseful plot that has viewers on the edge of their seats. Critics claim this show is a true modern classic, but you should really just watch it because it is insanely addictive.

4) The Walking Dead

Yeah, the zombie show is honestly worth watching. Despite all of those stereotypes that many of us share about people that believe in the zombie apocalypse (or at least pretend to), this show is more than that. This adventure takes care to examine life after the apocalypse, the morality or survival and what makes life worth living. Of course, it’s better just to watch it as a stereotypical zombie show when putting off studying for finals.

3) Mad Men


Despite the other-worldly antics of characters that are openly sexist, racist and downright petty, nothing feels quite as good as watching the powerful fall. Even better, these advertising tycoons do it all in style. You can’t help but feel jealous and superior to them all at once.

2) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

By far the superior Law & Order, this show is the epitome of what a crime drama should be. The horrors that Elliot and Olivia face every episode slowly but surely peel away layers of their hard exterior while simultaneously putting up walls to protect themselves from further atrocities. If you’ve never seen this show before, now would be a great time to start watching.

1) Revenge


Highly addictive and full of action and suspense, this is a show even your boyfriend will like. I’ve heard many compare it to Pretty Little Liars but better. Personally, I think studying is better than Pretty Little Liars. But that’s just me. Either way, watching this show is more worth your time than studying. By far.

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