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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 10: The Over-Correction

This week on “How I Met Your Mother,” Robin turns into an irrational, crazy-eyed psycho. She’s driven by love and shrouded in pain. We feel for her, right? Poor Patrice bears the brunt of her rage, which begs the question: are Barney and Patrice hooking up?  Nah.

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You all know I love Patrice. Can I just reiterate the fact that she’s made up of sugar, rainbows and unicorns running through a grassy meadow? She’s the epitome of a sweetheart and  restores my faith in humanity. But Patrice and Barney? There’s something fishy brewing with those two. For starters, we’ve never seen them kiss or really be physical. Even when they hang out they do the most innocent, heartwarming things like decorating for Christmas. Aww.

So there are two reasonable explanations, in my opinion, as to why they are suddenly chilling hard together.

1)   Last episode Barney lamented over how he wanted to reevaluate his lifestyle and how he’s unhappy and lost and all of that fun stuff. Who better to save the day than Patrice? I’m sure hanging out with Patrice makes Barney feel spectacular and, as I said, restores his faith in himself and humanity.

2)   Barney told Patrice he has feelings for Robin, but is at a loss because he cut ties with her.  Now he wants her back and Patrice is eagerly helping him find a way to win her back.

In reality, I think the second scenario is probably going to unfold. At least, I hope it does. Patrice loves Robin and Barney (probably) still loves Robin so it makes sense that they would scheme together to reunite Barney and Robin as lovers. If this scenario does not play out, I will not only lose my dignity because I have adamantly supported this situation on this blog, but I will also lose my hopes of the writers expediting this relationship process. Come on, people, we know what happens and we just want to see some action for Ol’ Ted!

Before we get to Ted, I need to address a very serious happenstance: Barney destroys “The Playbook.” I was absolutely flabbergasted when I watched this unfold. Years of “How I Met Your Mother” history in the can, quite literally. Some of the best moments of the show were based on “The Playbook.” I think a moment of silence is necessary.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media


Throughout all of this, Ted, Robin, Lily and Marshall are hiding in Barney’s closet, for various reasons, unable to leave because Barney has no idea they are there. Did anyone else play this in their head while watching?


Anyway, Ted is going through a bit of a dry spell with the ladies. We do get a brief and irrelevant flashback to a scary, lady criminal he dated after Victoria. That could have made for a good episode, right? We just want something to work with at this point. Oh well.

In other relationship news, Marshall’s mom and Lily’s dad are hooking up. Lily and Marshall are sick at the very thought of this, with good reason. No matter how old you are or how mature you are, no child ever, ever, ever wants to think about the sex life of their parents, let alone walk in on them. I feel for these two, I really do.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

That’s all for this week. Here’s what we have to look forward to next time:

-       An intervention for Robin.

-       The dynamic between Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mom.

-       Some answers about the nature of Barney and Patrice’s relationship.

-       A girl for Ted?


Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS for Episode 11!

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