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Top 10 least crowded study spots

Finals burden us with many annoyances. Endless hours of studying. Late night review sessions. Stress eating (you know you do it). But what might be the most annoying part of finals? The fact that right when you need to sit down and cram a semester’s worth of studying into one day, O’Neill is like a Mod on St. Patty’s Day.  We all know the pain. The futile time spent searching every floor of O’Neill for one empty chair in the middle of an already too-crowded table can be exasperating. So this semester, save yourself the aggravation. Try some of the other study spaces around campus that draw a little less foot traffic. Here are the top ten places we think might help you through finals:


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1. Living on Newton? Might as well stay put. Taking the bus to Main and trying O’Neill is definitely not worth it (this is coming from a former Newtonite). Try the Trinity Chapel Basement. It is quiet, accommodates a good amount of people, and will most likely have coffee and/or hot chocolate for you to enjoy.

2. Upper kids—You don’t have to go far to find a quiet study spot. The O’Connell House is generally known for NOTH events and rec-room type activities, but don’t forget about the solarium where you can find some comfy couches for a more relaxed study environment. And hey, if you need a break, you can always make a stop in the game room for some pool.

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3. Rather than getting rejected from occupied classrooms in Gasson while in search of a quiet place to study, avoid the awkward encounters and try the Gasson Honor’s Library. This might be a place to plan for your more intense hours of studying (it is said to be as quiet as Bapst, i.e. beware of sneezing).

4. Eagle’s Nest is open for business from 11 A.M.  – 3 P.M. on weekdays up through December 19. But those hours before and after the lunch rush might provide you with the perfect place to have a study group or finish looking through a pile of flash cards.

5. McGuinn is home to the Social Work Library, which has a mixture of study tables, cubicles, computers (yes, there are printing stations), and some comfortable lounge chairs.  Found in the basement of McGuinn, this library is less frequented than O’Neill and Bapst and probably a little quieter during finals.

6. And if you can’t find a spot in the Social Work Library, try crossing the street to the ERC in Campion. This is another area where you can find printing, study carrels, tables for group work, and comfortable reading chairs.

7. If you need to find a classroom because you insist on studying by talking to an empty room, you might have the most luck in Carney. It is one of the least popular buildings on campus (probably because it reminds us of our high school, locker-lined hallways) and most likely won’t be anyone’s first choice.


Photo by Katie Levingston

8. Looking for a comfortable chair to sit down and catch up on that reading you never did? The chairs outside of the Student Services office are the perfect spot. And as classes are not in session, this study space will probably be pretty tranquil during finals period.

9. If you are willing to make the trek, Brighton Campus offers both the Theology Library and a café (where meal plan money is accepted). This is the place to go if you want to extract yourself from campus for the day and ensure that you won’t run into anyone you know.

10. Any scientists out there know that the lobby in Merkert is a little less congested than the Higgins atrium and a nice escape from the more popular libraries, residence hall lounges, and dining hall booths.


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