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BC Twitter Account: @BCFashionFree

If you are one of the many students offended by BC’s parody Twitter account @BCFashionPolice, you should definitely check out the account that was created in response, @BCFashionFree. Here at Boston College, we aren’t exactly known for our unique fashion choices. Most BC students are seen sporting some combination of Sperry’s, Patagonias, Vineyard Vines pullovers, or Frye boots. The brave souls that venture outside of the usual fashion spectrum will probably get some strange looks during the course of the day.  And now with @BCFashionPolice, this evident disapproval can finally be expressed.  For example, @BCFashionPolice says, “Yes to your Hunter boots, no to your sagging leopard print skinny jeans. A big NO.”  So, basically, the account implies the most popular brands worn on campus are fine, but  more unique choices get a big “NO”. These are the types of stereotypes that many BC students try to shed, and @BCFashionFree is finally voicing this opposition.

@BCFashionFree’s bio says, “ Promoting unique fashion choices among an otherwise homogenous & preppy student body.” Thus, the account acknowledges the stereotypes on campus, and stands against them. Are you a little anxious about wearing your new animal-print pants because of all of the judgmental looks that will come your way? Well, @BCFashionFree says,  “It’s time for BC students to express themselves through fashion…” So, wear that look with confidence. You are fierce.  @BCFashionFree has been tweeting words of encouragement to promote variety in the student body’s ensemble choices. If you need a boost to get you through the day, check out the account’s words of wisdom.

In addition to checking out @BCFashionFree, I recommend blasting some Macklemore in the morning. Think to yourself, WWMD (What would Macklemore do?). Personally, I think he would encourage you to rock those “flannel zebra jammies,” that vintage skirt, or maybe even just some BC sweats.


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