Late-finals period find underclassmen low on dining bucks

Boston College’s standard meal plan, which most underclassman are forced to buy, is running low for many students stuck on campus until the end of finals. Although students receive $2234 per semester in flexible dollars to spend at qualifying on-campus dining locations, this is not enough for many students as winter break draws ever closer.

Photo courtesy of Geena De Rose/Gavel Media

“I thought I would have enough money at the beginning of the semester, because all the upperclassmen told me that I won’t spend all of it. So, I brought lots of bottle drink and I didn’t really have a plan. But last week I only had 80 dollars left in my account, and I started to worry. Right now, I had to order delivery in order not to starve myself. I will plan ahead next semester. I won’t spend more than 20 dollars a meal. I won’t buy too many soft drinks and I will eat much healthier,” Molly Mao, A&S’ 16, said.

Others are facing the same problem. “With only 24 bucks left in my account, I plan to eat salad during the next 4 days until I leave for home. This is so miserable,” Heini Salonen, CSOM’16, said.

Photo courtesy of Geena De Rose/Gavel Media

How to survive in the second semester with limited dining bucks is a crucial strategy to learn. Here is some advice from upperclassmen:

  1. Buy value meals. Main dining hall such as Lower Live and McElory provide value meals which can save students a large amount of money.
  2. Eat vegetables instead of meat. Vegetables are usually cheaper.
  3. Have a light breakfast. Don't use half your daily budget before noon.
  4. Have dinner with a friend. Students left with money in their account become extremely popular this time of year.
  5. Stay away from dining halls. Don’t go to Mac or Lower all the time. Keep yourself from the dining halls and the money will stay in your account.

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