BC Twitter Account: @FakeBaldwin

Now that we’ve all been home a few days, a sufficient amount of time has passed for us to start missing good old BC. For everyone out there surfing their portal aimlessly and dreaming of the new Chocolate Bar in Stoakes next semester, there’s a little taste of BC right on Twitter. The Twitter account @FakeBaldwin follows BC sports through their lows and highs and reminds us all what it means to be an Eagle. Here are our top three favorite tweets from the account:

1.   Is it possible that the reason hockey doesn't play over the holidays is because JERRY YORK IS SANTA CLAUS!?!?!

2. There is no relation between myself and the Eagle that tried to abduct a baby in Canada, thank you very much @rawbshore #BlameCanada

3. Maybe the Mayans were just predicting conference realignment? Or the end of the Big East?

So anyone looking for some BC sports talk and a few laughs along the way should check out @FakeBaldwin. After all, as Fake Baldwin reminds us, “BCs [sic] athletics department is horrendously run, so why would you follow anything real about them? I'm not associated with BC, so I'm automatically better.”

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