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Opinion: 3 things I miss about BC

When I was a freshman, I dreaded Winter break. I had tasted the sweet, independent life of college and I wasn’t ready to go back home to my dull, regular one. Less than a week into my break, I was going through BC withdrawals and wanted nothing more than to be back in Duchesne with all of my friends. This year was a different story. I could not wait for Winter break to take me far away from the stress of finals and bring me closer to homemade food. However after three weeks of break, countless tiffs with my parents, and having a curfew, I can’t wait to be back at BC. There are 3 main things I miss about the best school in the world:

1) Dorm life

While I love being at home and having a room to myself, I miss my 4-man in Walsh and the small "common room" where my roommates and I would chat, eat lunch, or just chill. I miss being able to talk to my roommates by just yelling from my bed. I miss complaining about the malfunctioning washers and driers with random dorm members. I miss Mich and Riccardo's (the awesome Walsh doormen) questioning looks when I miss the card swipe 3 times in a row. I MISS MY COMMUNITY.

2) Gasson

How can you NOT miss the building that looks magnificent 24/7 and straight out of the Harry Potter books? I know you Instagram users are probably going through a "no pictures of Gasson" withdrawal (link to Instagram article:! Seeing that building on campus or from across the Res always makes me proud to call myself a BC eagle.

3) Friends

And of course, I miss my friends. My great college experience and best/embarrassing memories are mostly with my friends. While I love my friends at home with all my heart, the friendships I've made in college are refreshing and different, and I miss them!

Even though Winter Break can get a little boring towards the end, it's a much needed break from the BC bubble. This break helped me to see how lucky I am to be at an amazing school, and also prevented me from getting tired of being at BC. So, now that I've been halfway across the world in Korea for the past 3 weeks, I can safely and gladly say that I am beyond stoked to be back on Eagle territory soon!