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MIT student invents ice cubes that warn you if you drink too much

Many unlucky college students encounter a night with an alcohol-induced blackout and a visit to the hospital. Few, besides Dhairya Dand of MIT, would use said incident as the inspiration for a new technological breakthrough. Dand, who drank too much at an MIT graduate party one night was greatly concerned by his stay in the hospital. He crafted “Cheers,” new ice cubes with LED lights that warn drinkers that they’ve had too much alcohol.

Screenshot by Alison Ricciato

Screenshot by Alison Ricciato


The frozen trinkets flash their lights in time to whatever music is playing, but change the color of their lights depending on how much alcohol you drink. They start green, then move to a cautioning yellow, then a warning red (much like BC’s “Green Zone” campaign). An accelerometer and timer are in the ice cubes beneath a food-safe layer to detect your relative alcohol consumption. The circuit can measure both the time that has passed and the number of sips you’ve taken. The ice cubes can also be connected to your cell phone and notify your friends if you have had a bit too much and are in need of help.

The design required about $50 to make, relatively low, and many of his friends are now demanding dozens of the user-friendly ice cubes. So for the alcohol-warning system of the future, look into these groovy, user-friendly ice cubes. Cheers!

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