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"Suits" top takeaways: Coconut oil, a ski mask and duct tape

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The prodigal sons have returned! (It's all right. Take a moment to appreciate this photo for what it is before you continue reading.)

The Suits season two continuation last night was everything Suitors were hoping for, giving us Suits junkies even more to squeal about with our favorite characters. This show's script is fantastic, finding ways to develop these great characters we already feel we know, putting us at the edge of our seats for the next twist or turn in the plot. And let me tell you, fear never felt so good.

Let's get this started right with a song from the show.


And after such a long hiatus, the show came roaring back with the christening (or de-christening) of law firm. Tell me you all reveled in this moment just as much as Harvey did.

scrapping name off wall

Charlie Brown and Lucy
My constant expression whilst watching this show.

My constant expression whilst watching this show.

I would call this the 'Donna is Awesome' section, but let's face it: ALL of the women of Suits deserve a shout out. Let's dedicate this one to the badass women of Pearson Law Firm (Ooo, if feels so good to NOT have Hardman, right?). TV hardly ever has a strong female lead, and Suits outdoes everyone by having several characters.

These women are not just "goodie goodies," or complete messes. They come with light and dark, all the makings of an actual human being. Complicated and playful, sexy and brilliant, these women dominate in every way and they OWN this show. It's a woman's world there, they just let the boys run around and play in it.

Suits Women

Let's all agree, though, that Donna is awesome.


Mike is an idiotH&R client

As my brother put it via text message last night after the show, "must Mike try and mess something up EVERY week...I honestly thought he was gonna make it through this one." My response? "You ask for too much."

MikeThis entire episode, I was most worried about what Mike would do to put Harvey, the firm or Rachel in some kind of trouble and I'm honestly glad that it didn't turn out any worse. It boggles my mind how Mike can still doubt Harvey to the extent that he does. Trust the man, Mike. Specter shall lead you to greatness, but only if you follow.

Also, Mike's whole running off on his own randomly to start a fight is not smart. That weed and all of your other old habits *cough cough Tess cough* are just killing your brain cells, and not doing you any favors. In the words of the great Harvey Specter, Mike, "Get your s*** together."


That's all folks! Check back in next week for a dissection of the next episode, "Blood in the Water."


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