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New iPhone app for lonely singles: Tinder

With the beginning of a new year we are often given the gift of a fresh start, not only in the classroom, but in our personal lives as well. We view the new calendar year as the opportunity to make resolutions, ranging from quitting a nasty habit to adopting a healthier outlook on life. What you decide to do is most often rooted in the impression the previous year has left on your psyche. Maybe you were one of the dejected singles who saw the recent holidays as nothing more than a chance for your nagging relatives to remind you of your perpetual lack of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Clearly they don't understand the lack of long-term romances on a college campus. Two single and technologically gifted, modern-day Cupids, Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, put their love-scorned brains together and created the newly popular app Tinder.


Tinder is an app, currently only available for Apple iPhone users, which seeks to further integrate the dating culture into our media-dominated society. While cyber love is no novel invention, the general public has often placed a black cloud over the use of dating websites, leading many people to hesitate to bare their vulnerable hearts in the vast digital world. However, Tinder is completely anonymous and private, eliminating any awkward or undesired encounters, as contact can only be initiated if the attraction is mutual. According to Rad and Mateen, “Tinder is a simple yet elegant way for users to approach other users to meet in person as it allows you to break the ice and find a partner locally nearby that you might like and/or feel attracted to.” Once a match is made each person is given the opportunity to “chat” the other through the app, spurring the possibility of a relationship.

Whether you choose to use Tinder to lock down a future soul mate much like the optimistic @jame_babe who proclaims, “I’m going on Tinder and I’m not getting off until I have a husband” or if you would rather just use the app as a creepy, yet acceptable way to look at “hot girls” is entirely up to you. But just remember your “happily ever after” will not come simply with a touch of a screen. As we all know, “You have to fight for what you want, love is a battlefield.”

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