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BC Twitter Account: @BCBiddie

Most people would presume that the hardest subjects a college student may face in his or her academic career might be an upper level Biochemistry class or the Economics requirement Econometrics. However, if you’re an 18-22 year old testosterone-filled, male the hardest subject you will ever study is the female species. Between their unexplainable mood swings and their unreasonable belief that you should just know how they feel, college girls often leave their male suitors befuddled and armor-less, standing in the cross-fire of their raging hormones. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a compromising and confused position, check out the satirical twitter account @BCBiddie which gives a never-before seen, inside view into the inner thoughts of a BC girl.



If you find yourself in the doghouse after a night-out with the boys and feel as though a trip to the jeweler will solve all your relationship problems, think again. According to @BCBiddie, a shiny, token of your love is not the answer: “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend must have been flat chested. Have your diamonds ever gotten you out of a speeding ticket?” Also, if you think girls find those “whiskers” you attempt to grow in “for charity” make you seem more appealing and manly, all BCBiddies have to say to that is “No shave November? Two can play at that game, bro #BCBiddieprotests.”

So boys, if you find yourself at the losing end of a conversation that is in your opinion trivial and dumbfounding, turn to @BCBiddies to decipher the hidden meaning behind your woman’s exasperation.