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"Archer" Episode 2: The Wind Cries Mary

Where to begin with this episode? I guess I’ll start with Timothy Olyphant’s guest appearance as Lucas Troy, a former ISIS agent, ODIN traitor, and, most importantly, Archer’s best (and only!) friend in the whole wide world.

The bromance described in vivid detail, paired with flashbacks to Archer and Lucas’ times together training in ISIS, sets up an awkward yet hilarious running joke where all of Archer’s fellow agents think Lucas is hot for Archer (which turns out to be true). The revelation of his feelings for Archer is nothing short of ridiculous, so I can’t justify spoiling the ending of the show for you here. You must watch to find out.

Screenshot by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media

In this episode, as in every other episode, we get several classic running jokes:

Some of Archer’s pop culture references include Predator (“Predator only hunts in tropical climates. I assume…and desperately hope"), and JRR Tolkien (“Lana was firing at…what I hope wasn’t an Ent. That’s like the last thing we need right now. An Ent-moot.”); Lana’s giant hands, described by Lucas as “big ol’ tree hands” (he also calls her an Ent); Krieger’s obsession with Rush and his van, aptly decorated as “Van by Night.”

This show would be nothing without its seamless transition from scene to scene (and Kenny Loggins references), and Archer’s ability to turn a phrase. Since there is rarely much connection between episodes, the writers can feel free to completely start from scratch most weeks. Although the animation is hilarious, it is possible to love this show by just listening to the dialogue. A few examples from last night: “Dude, bros before apparent threats to national security!” and “Vermont has liquor stores, right? Yeah, they have to. It sucks there” (sorry Vermont).

That’s all for this week, watch and enjoy. Also, if you’re watching on your computer, I recommend pausing the show right when Cyril starts talking about his “only regret.” You can read his hilarious peer review of Lana if you go full-screen. It’s magical.



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