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"Suits" top takeaways: An idiot savant, minus the savant

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Crank up the drama, this season is set for a pretty bumpy ride. As loyal Suitors, I'm sure you all thought at the end of last  night's episode that Jessica, Harvey and the law firm (I can't bring myself to call it Pearson Hardman again; it hurts too much) could triumph over everything. But let's face it, Allison was hardly anything. She was right when she said the sharks of New York smelled the blood in the water. No matter how much we hated Hardman, the firm was severely weakened by his ousting.

Let's get it started with a song from the show.


Why God made 'Chunky Monkey' Mike vacuums the weed

It really didn't take long for Hardman's name to come back into the show. It's beyond depressing, and Donna's ice cream solutions may not be enough to handle this for the rest of the season. I was really happy to see Mike get himself together; the dramatic vacuuming of his weed stash was oddly therapeutic for everyone.

Let's face it, the whole crew (minus Donna and Jessica) needs some therapy. The passive-aggressive and aggressive-aggressive nature in the office is just throwing everyone off. This is a time to heal the wounds, as Jessica said, and even though Harvey's philosophy on how the weak get eaten is valid, Pearson Hardman (it hurt SO much to write that. Never again if I can help it) can't afford to continue to eat its own young.

An Ode to Harold Jakowsi

Harold JakowskiHarold has to be one of the best characters on this show. He's only been in about 10 episodes, but he was easily the one you wanted to see win. Admit it, you saw a little bit of yourself in him. The awkward screw-up who always meant well--I mean, who hasn't had that flustering and anxiety-filled moment where they thought they 'put in too much toner?'Harold Jakowski and the printer

Harold was a total gem and all of us Suitors will miss him dearly. I know it felt like a betrayal when Mike wasn't completely honest with him, but it's probably in his best interest. Louis was going to make that poor kid suffer even more if he stayed. Maybe now he will blossom into the lawyer we know he can be. Check out this awesome Tumblr dedicated to our bumbling hero.

If this didn't break your heart, you officially don't have one.

If this didn't break your heart, you officially don't have one.

Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog

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No matter how much you hate him, you love him. Louis Litt is honestly a good guy, just a little rough around the edges. And weird. He's pretty weird. But caring! He's just as cutthroat as any other lawyer at the firm. I know, I know. I've been completely infuriated with him, too. But there's just something about Louis that makes you kind of root for him.

Louis loves that firm just as much as Harvey and Jessica; that's why he's always wanted to be in the 'in-circle.' His methods are often whack, but he means well.

No one leaves Harvey Specter.

No one leaves Harvey Specter.

The hastag 'What Would Harvey Do' has been insanely popular, but this episode made me thing of #WHHD, What Has Harvey Done. Harvey has done an unbelievable amount for the firm, but not always for good--going behind Jessica's back, and looking for a way to get his name on the door. Jessica was right: you're a closer, not quite a leader yet. No worries though, if Donna is the goddess of Awesome, you are the god.

Harvey is a God

That's all folks! Tune in next week for my next 'Zane-y' (Get it??) Suits post for Episode 13, "The Strong Survive."


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