6 reasons why DOBC’s “13” was the event of the weekend

I always like to think that I was a dancer in another life. But as those who have seen my attempt at “the Dougie” clearly know, I have not a single dancing bone in my body. Fortunately, the Dance Organization of Boston College, or DOBC,  showed me a few moves that I plan on pulling out next weekend in the Mods.

DOBC owned the Robsham stage this weekend with the show “13,” which ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. and featured Fuego del Corazon. Despite the struggles of our hockey boys (don’t worry guys, we still believe in you!), these lovely dancing ladies gave people hundreds of reasons to pile into the theater.  And boy, did people pile in.

With hardly any open seats in the house on Friday night, it was clear that BC is a big fan of dance. The show was a huge success, and although we can’t disclose all of the reasons why you should have been at DOBC’s event this weekend (a sense of mystery can go a long way), here are our top six:

1. DOBC is a completely student-run organization.  The music selections, costumes and choreography were all done by members of DOBC, and that in itself is worthy of a lot of praise.

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media


2. Speaking of the music, IT WAS AWESOME. From Ed Sheeran to Britney Spears, Paolo Nutini to Flo Rida, The Who to Aretha Franklin, the girls picked a large variety of music types to set the scene for their numbers.

3.  In addition to the music variation, DOBC showed its versatility through different types of dance. Although for the most part considered contemporary, the girls also showcased several numbers en pointe (dancing completely on your toes, for those who aren't dance experts) and mixed in some hip hop and tap as well.

4.  The vision for the show was absolutely beautiful. Senior Director Honor Flannery opened in the program with a statement expressing the inspiration for the show, and where the name comes from:

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media

13 is a funny thing. It has so many different forms and evokes different feelings. To many it represents bad luck. To the select few, however, 13 is lucky. ’13 is the New Year and with it, the precipice of a vast and unknown future. As dancers, movement is the way we convey emotions and interpret our world as it is or as we might imagine it. Entitling our show 13 is an acknowledgement and embodiment of a spectrum of those meanings. Dances tell stories and these are ours: some interpreting the bad luck we have experienced and others interpreting the good.

5. DOBC showcased more than just dances this weekend: they showcased a cause. The organization chose to contribute all of the proceeds from “13” to Boston College’s Relay for Life, a walk-a-thon sponsored by the American Cancer Society every year.  Members of DOBC will be participating in Relay for Life on their own team, “Dancers Against Cancer.”

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media

Photo by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media

6. The show featured Fuego del Corazon, Boston College’s Latin dance team. Needless to say, the group brought its own level of flavor to the show. The group performed two numbers, both riling up the crowd at Robsham. If you haven’t had a chance to go to a Fuego del Corazon show yet, plan your calendar around it. These kings and queens of Latin dance have a message of their own to dish out.

“The objective of DOBC shall be to provide an open environment by which to promote the art of dance amongst the Boston College community. Advanced students expand their talents through auditioning, choreographing, teaching and performing in an annual show. The club also offers a variety of studio classes in diverse styles and all levels where beginners are provided with the opportunity to learn and gain experience through weekly classes. Classes are open to the entire university and are taught by DOBC officers and choreographers. Email flannerh@bc.edu for more information.”


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