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“This House is Falling Apart:” Walk The Moon live at the Paradise

I don’t know what you did Thursday night (MA’s, Cityside, what have you), but Walk The Moon hosted the biggest, sweatiest, loudest paint-splashed party in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club on Jan. 24. Mod dwellers may want to adjust their springtime/darty playlists to accommodate some tunes from these Cincinnati-based dance rockers, ‘cause they’re here to party LOUD.

Photo by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media

Photo by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media

The band opened up their set with a wall of distorted guitar, bass, synth and smashing drums, leading into their epic opener, “Liftaway.” The heavy beats and infectious rhythm of the song immediately got the crowd dancing, and they wouldn’t stop for the next hour and a half.

Lead singer Nick Petricca must have know that Boston likes to rage, considering how he introduced the band: “We’re Walk The Moon. We’re from Ohio. Let’s have a party!” They dove right in to the rest of their set, blasting through “Lisa Baby,” “Next In Line” and “Shiver Shiver,” as the whole room bounced and sang along.

After a while the heat was getting to Petricca, as he ditched his jacket in favor of his trademark multi-colored tank top, with sweat and paint running down his face. The band switched up the dynamic at that point, going into the slower, more hardcore “Drunk In The Woods” before speeding it up again with “Tightrope,” a much faster song dominated by speedy synths and scratchy guitars.

At this point, Walk The Moon owned the Paradise, keeping the dance party going with “Quesadilla,” “Tete-A-Tete” and the singalong “Me and All My Friends.” Petricca kept the crowd going, saying “Here in Walk The Moon Land, we encourage you to be yourselves, be sweaty, and make a fool of yourselves, ‘cause that’s what we like to do!” The band’s last five songs really showed their range, going from the somber “Iscariot” to the poppy “Fixin’,” to the garage rock-inspired “Jenny.”


Walk The Moon closed out the night with the most popular single from their 2012 debut album, "Anna Sun,” the whole audience in a massive singalong, bringing the Paradise crashing down with the sheer energy of the song. Just when we thought it was over, they came back onstage for a one-song encore, finishing up with the simple melodies of “I Can Lift a Car.”


Walk The Moon is currently touring in support of their 2012 major-label debut album, Walk The Moon, and their recently released EP, Tightrope.



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