Fulfilling their Destiny - Destiny’s Child releases new album

Before you read on, take a second to let that sink in.

Has it hit you yet? Today, Jan. 29, Destiny’s Child released an album for the first time in over seven years.

If your mind just exploded with joy, you are not alone. Destiny’s Child is arguably one of the most successful musical trios of all time. Their strong, soulful voices provided girls everywhere with anthems about how to be “Independent Women,” and boldly demanded that guys should pay their “Bills, Bills, Bills.” They coined the word “Bootylicious,” which is probably the most genius phrase ever used to describe a bodacious backside (sorry Sir Mix-A-Lot).


With Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance coming up this Sunday, what better time than now to remind people of where she got her start? It’s huge enough that Beyonce – my personal idol who I worship like a goddess – is performing at halftime, but it was announced that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will be joining her onstage for a mini Destiny’s Child reunion (Upon hearing this news, actual tears fell from my eyes and I decided I might have some serious issues).

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For the Destiny’s Child fans that like to belt out “Survivor” at the top of their lungs or shake it to club hits like “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” I have some bad news: this album is not for you. The new album, entitled Love Songs, is a compilation of the group’s greatest songs about love taken from their previous albums, most of which are slow R&B jams as opposed to their sassier, more upbeat material. It’s sort of like a “greatest hits” album, except most of the tracks are relatively unknown by anyone who is not a crazed super-fan.

The more well-known songs on this album include “Cater 2 U,” “Brown Eyes,” “If,” “Emotion,” “T-Shirt” and “Say My Name.” Surprisingly, about five songs on this album come from the group’s less popular, early albums when there were four “Destiny’s Children” instead of three (the two who left were later replaced by Michelle). It’s impossible to deny the vocal talents of this group, yet the new album falls flat in its effort to showcase their true greatness.


Kelly Rowland’s solo track, “Heaven,” is also included on Love Songs. Why? That’s hardly fair to the other two! This is a Destiny’s Child album. It’s supposed to feature songs recorded by the whole group. If we’re singling out Kelly, why on Earth don’t Beyonce and Michelle have solo tracks on the album as well? I’m pretty sure Beyonce has more Grammys than you, Kelly. Just saying.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Destiny’s Child also recorded a brand new track for Love Songs called “Nuclear.” Unfortunately, the song that held the highest expectations was also the biggest disappointment of the album. As the first song the three girls have recorded together in over seven years, one would expect nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s not very catchy, the lyrics are nothing special and in no way does it live up to some of the group’s more iconic chart-toppers back in their heyday.


Overall this album is really not bad at all, as long as you’re open to expanding your tastes. Hopefully, this album will provoke resurgence in popularity of some of the lesser-known songs that are truthfully pretty awesome. And to be honest, I’m not that worried because everything Beyonce touches turns to gold anyway; after all, her nickname is Queen B.

Gavel Media Rating: 6/10


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