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YouTube cover playlist #TBT

This throwback Thursday playlist will bring you back to some of your favorite radio songs. But as a classy college student, you're probably looking for a way to spice up the old songs you once loved that now don't really fit well on your various pre-game playlists.

Every song on this list (that is in no particular order) has been covered by a “YouTube-famous” band. These artists are mostly unsigned (some by choice) and cater to the broad college demographic by covering any popular song, no matter the genre.


9. Boyce Avenue: “I Want It That Way” (originally by The Backstreet Boys)


Boyce Avenue is comprised of three brothers who paved the way for other YouTube artists to make it big. Covering mostly alternative rock songs at the start, the group began to branch out and experiment with pop and rap over the years. Although this version may not have you jamming at the Plex or a party, its acoustic feel is perfect for lounging around your dorm while reminiscing about the good ol’ days of middle school when you and your friends choreographed a dance to the original.


8. Megan Nicole: “Forget You”  (originally by Cee Lo Green)


By the end of the summer of 2011, most people audibly groaned when this song came onto the radio. Megan Nicole's fun duet will take you back to those summer days of no worries and endless sun in the midst of a very blustery second semester.


7. Tyler Ward: “Gravity” (originally by John Mayer)


 This is one throwback that most BC students probably aren't sick of hearing. John Mayer never gets old, and this song is no exception. True to the original minimalist style, Tyler Ward does this song justice with its acoustic guitar line accented with electronic accompaniment. Ward produces and writes his own music, and also produces for many other members of the YouTube community.


6. Tiffany Alvord & The Piano Guys: “Secrets” (originally by OneRepublic)


 This cover of “Secrets” features the voice of Tiffany Alvord and was arranged by the Piano Guys, a group of men dedicated to making classical music fun with their piano, cello and astounding cinematography. Alvord's voice is splendid in this song, and the orchestra accompanying her is extremely talented. The collaborative effort of these two musical forces is wonderful and should be appreciated as such.


5. Maddi Jane: “Impossible” (originally by Shontelle)


Maddi Jane is one of YouTube's best-kept secrets. She is only fifteen and recorded most of her songs when she was much younger. Her voice is strong, full and controlled. Watching such a voice come out of this girl's mouth is really an experience, and it will probably make all of us wish our shower singing were half as good. Keep an eye out for this girl; we'll be hearing more of her soon enough. Listening to her sing “Impossible,” which came out in 2010, will bring you back to your angsty teen love troubles.


4. Alex Goot: “Wonderwall” (originally by Oasis)


A classic serenade by Oasis that still has most girls smiling and humming along, “Wonderwall” is a throwback that will have you remembering your high school sweetheart and smiling about the cute guy in your English class who you've been eyeing. Alex Goot is truly a one-man show, playing all of the instruments for his covers and mixing them into videos in a solo production.


3. Lindsey Stirling: “Party Rock Anthem” (originally by LMFAO)


Now this is a real twist on a great throwback. Fondly known as Lindsey Stomp, this artist covers and performs her own music on her violin while dancing. She's definitely not for everyone, but this is bound to turn heads at any Mod party. Stirling does other dubstep originals on her electric violin that are truly unique. Don't let her pigtails and bouncy dancing fool you--this girl can get down.


2. Hannah Trigwell: “Hallelujah” (originally by Leonard Cohen)


Hannah Trigwell's rendition of this classic is worthy of being performed in any chapel on campus. Its acoustic feel will have you swaying back and forth with chills reverberating down your spine. Trigwell is currently signed under 3Peace Records, which is actually Boyce Avenue's own record company. Her collaborations with Boyce Avenue's Alejandro are also beautiful, but this throwback is indisputably her best.

1. Kinna Grannis: “The Climb” (originally by Miley Cyrus)


Kinna Grannis gives this song the gentle emotion that Cyrus never really could. Grannis has become very successful for her original songs, touring around the world in various small venues. However, her unedited covers that were recorded before she got her break really show what a talented woman she is.

As Valentine's Day approaches, I would also suggest listening to her original “Valentine,” which was featured on “Gossip Girl” this past year. Her songs have also been featured on “Pretty Little Liars” and “General Hospital.” Next time you're dreading the hike up the Million Dollar Stairs, take a listen to this inspirational tune. You'll never take the elevator again.



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