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Top 10 Flogging Molly songs

Grab your tin whistles, Guinness and Jameson, ‘cuz Flogging Molly is coming to the House of Blues tonight, Feb. 1, for a night of fast-paced, punch-you-in-the-face Celtic punk. Now, I know, Saint Patrick’s Day is still a little ways off, but hey, why not start celebrating early?

You can bet with Boston’s strong Irish roots and punk tendencies that this show will be packed and rowdy. I personally have lined up to see the California-based punk outfit on at least one occasion, and they blew me away. For those going to the show, prepare yourselves. For those not going, turn the volume up to 11, crack open a Guinness (if you’re of legal age!) and party.


10. “Devil’s Dance Floor”


Let’s start you folks off dancing! Starting off with some uber-catchy tin whistles and drums, this toe-tapping ditty will have you on your feet dancing an Irish jig in no time. Lead singer and guitarist Dave King’s insistence that you “swing a little more on the Devil’s dance floor” is more than convincing for me.


9. “Selfish Man”


Not sure if King is singing about himself here, but if he is, I really don’t care. The driving drums and hypnotic tunes of Bridget Regan’s fiddle make this accordion-soaked tune transcend its simple, yet catchy lyrics.


8. “Salty Dog”


We’re going into a little bit of a pirate theme here…and that does it for me. The only image I can conjure from listening to this grog-fueled pirate song is a gang of pirates dancing their faces off and getting into bar fights while the band plays this in the background. The mandolin, fiddle and accordion work in perfect harmony with gritty punk guitars to make this song truly unique.


7. “The Kilburn High Road”


With one of the coolest, dirtiest guitar intros I’ve heard in a long time, this song uses an epic combination of guitar, tin whistle and fantastic lyrics to sing about a group of ruffians just trying to make it in the world and live each day like it's their last. A great pump-up song, if you need one.


6. “Swagger” (Live)


As good as this song is on the record, it gets even more amped up when they play it live, mostly because it’s FASTER (which I didn’t think was possible). A mostly-instrumental song, driven by a drilling guitar riff and accordions and fiddles that follow along with it, the only lyrics are “Don’t know where we’re goin’.” Neither do I, and I’m fine with it!


5. “Rebels of the Sacred Heart”


Ahhh, Irish rebel songs. Nothing better. This anthem goes from fast to comfortingly slow, only to get fast again and threaten to burst your heart with its sincerity. The lyric “Rebels are we/And heavy our hearts shall always be…” should speak for itself.


4. “Seven Deadly Sins”


MORE PIRATE SONGS. Yes. I know. So, wait…There’s seven deadly sins, and seven band members…OHHHH I get it! This song never stops moving and will threaten to break your ankles if you try dancing to it. I recommend it.


3. “What’s Left of the Flag”


This is, quite simply, a beautiful punk song. I didn't think I could say that a few years back, because punk is supposed to be HARDCORE. And this is. But the lyrics and subject matter really permeate the buzz-saw speed of the main verses and choruses.


2. “Float”


A fantastic video to go with an incredible song. It is one of Flogging Molly’s most gorgeous melodies and best songs, lyrically. Heartfelt, emotional, and sure to have you singing along.


1. “Drunken Lullabies”


THE quintessential Flogging Molly song. And an epic video with lots of skating. And drinking.


Enjoy the show!

Flogging Molly will be performing at the House of Blues on Friday, Feb. 1. Doors open at 7 p.m.



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