Top 10 Lumineers songs

If you haven't heard of The Lumineers, perhaps the words "ho" and "hey" will spark your memory.

Oh rightttt, they're that one band who has that one song with that one memorable lyric on the radio. I really hope that's not what you're thinking because YOU'RE WRONG. The Lumineers are so much more than "ho" and "hey," and they are far better than any radio edit can make them sound.

This folk rock group takes us back to the raw beauty of music, the feel-good "heart-on-your-sleeve" lyrics, the comfort of a rustic folk sound, and how great it is to actually have a cello and a mandolin as regular instruments in a band. They're living proof that a synthesizer isn't what always makes a song and that the music world isn't entirely set on its studio-made superstars, especially because their show tomorrow night, Feb. 4 at the House of Blues, is sold out.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket and don't want to spend the whole night awkwardly jamming to songs you don't know, or have been suddenly inspired by this article and want to know where to start on iTunes, Gavel Media presents:


10. "Flapper Girl"


A very piano-dominated piece, "Flapper Girl" doesn't necessarily exemplify the folksy style of The Lumineersbut its easy-going "saloon" style piano is a prime example of what Jeremiah Caleb Fraites, the band's dummer, says about their style: "Anyone who can play an instrument can play a Lumineers song."

9. "Charlie Boy"


The opening mandolin progression in this song is enough to melt your heart, and gives you a good idea of the unique style that the band has managed to bring to the mainstream. If you listen to the lyrics, the song is about a young boy who went off to war and died, giving it a sentimental quality as well.

8. "Big Parade"


One of their more upbeat numbers, "Big Parade" shows the more fun side of The Lumineers and will certainly get you up and clapping at the House of Blues.

7. "Slow it Down"


"Slow it Down" is an appropriate title for this more mellow and emotional song, which, through heart-wrenching lyrics, tells the story of a conflicted love between two people of different interests. Although by far the slowest song on the band's first and only album, The Lumineers, it certainly isn't one to be overlooked.

6. "Submarines"


The heavy, driving piano and drum set in this song are uncharacteristic of the album, but the background yells of "submarines" are a little reminiscent of "Ho Hey" and add the playful appeal that might have been missing in the instrumentation.

5. "Morning Song"


Apart from the awesome use of the electric guitar in this song, which in my opinion is a little Explosions in the Sky-esque, the lyrics are arguably ones that can speak to all of us. They speak to those who have been forgotten, those who are missing a former love and those who are just sick of being left behind.

4. "Flowers in Your Hair"


An upbeat, fun, tambourine and cello-dominated track, "Flowers in Your Hair" is just impossible not to love. It'll certainly be a crowd favorite at the House of Blues, simply due to its nostalgic qualities that bring us back to our younger days before we were exposed to the Mods and Hillside paninis. It's about growing up and being wise enough to love someone, and that in itself is definitely a universal message.

3. "The Dead Sea"


Raw to the core, this song manages to hit a home run on lyrics alone. Singer Wesley Shultz's voice stands alone alongside his guitar, and the moment he said "You'll never sink when you are with me, Oh Lord, like the Dead Sea," I was in love. This song really makes you appreciate the style of The Lumineers and their ability to produce such pure emotion.

2. "Ho Hey"


I know many of you are probably shocked that your favorite radio hit isn't at the top of the list, but I will give it a lot of credit and say that it's hard not to love what the simplicity of the guitar brings to this chart-topper. It's a cheerful, easy-going sing-a-long, which is why it managed to single-handedly get The Lumineers out there and on the radio. It's a straight-up confession about love, one that I think all of us can relate to at one point or another.

1. "Stubborn Love"


"Stubborn Love" was the first song I ever heard by The Lumineers and still remains to this day, in my eyes, their best number. For me, it's the cello that steals the show. It's what defines the style of the band, it's what makes them stand out from the pack, and it's most prominent in this song about refusing to stop loving someone, no matter how much they "lie and steal and cheat." The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and frankly, it's hard to beat the build-up of the chorus in the last minute. Consider yourself lucky to experience this one life, and remember to always "keep your head up, and keep your love."


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