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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 15: P.S. I Love You

It was an ode to stalkers on last night’s “How I Met Your Mother” and our very own Robin Sparkles was the craziest stalker of them all. The only thing is, she wasn’t actually Robin Sparkles. Last night we got to meet Robin Daggers, the edgy alter ego of Robin Sparkles, whom Robin embraced during the dark times of her career when her unhealthy obsession for a mystery man possessed her every thought, word and action. To say Robin Daggers is creepy would be an understatement.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Let’s regress to where the stalker revelations began. Saturday Night Live’s Abby Elliot guest starred as Jeanette, a random woman Ted noticed on the subway one day because they were reading the same book. They made eye contact, had an instant connection and boom. Hook, line, sinker. At least until she got off at the next stop.

Star-crossed lovers, right? Wrong. Jeanette stalked him, found out where he teaches and started a fire to set off the fire alarm at his university so he would come outside and see her. Leave it to Ted to ignore these red flags because he needs to feel wanted. Even when Jeanette admitted that she had been stalking him since he was on the cover of New York Magazine last year, Ted is actually turned on and throws himself into a passionate make-out session with her.

Ted has really reached an all-time low with this one. Once you date your stalker, you know you have hit rock bottom. Future Ted tells us that Jeanette was the one huge mistake he made before he got married, so I’m anxious to see how this relationship will crash and burn.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Of course, with Ted and Jeanette’s stalker-fueled relationship, Robin can’t help but admit that she was once a stalker and her little escapade ended with a restraining order. Honestly, I was not that surprised to find this out because it definitely fits in with the gun-loving, Patrice-hating Robin we know and love.

The other perk of this was that we got some Robin Sparkles/Robin Daggers history, complete with a fictional Canadian spoof of VH1’s Behind the Music featuring stars like Alex Trebek, Jason Priestley and Dave Coulier. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Full House’s own Joey Gladstone came complete with a nostalgic “Cut it out” line. I really forgot how much I loved Dave Coulier. Why isn’t he still relevant? What is he doing with his life?


Anyway, Robin refused to tell everyone who she stalked, which sends Barney on an equally creepy stalker mission to Canada where he interviews Robin’s ex-boyfriends. I’m not Canadian in any way, shape or form but I have to say that if I were Canadian I might be a little unnerved on how my country is portrayed in this show.

I’ve never been to Canada and, based on this show, everyone in Canada is a simple, donut-loving townie with a terrible accent as far as I’m concerned. Regardless, Canada has produced some gems, including Paul Shaffer, who everyone soon found out was the object of Robin’s obsession. It’s very perplexing. Paul Shaffer, everybody:

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media


That’s all for this week, tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS for episode 16!