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Top 10 G-Eazy songs

I am so unbelievably mad. Curse you Nemo!!!  Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than rolling around in a snow bank. But seriously New England weather? You couldn’t have picked any other weekend? Any other weekend when I didn’t have G-Eazy tickets?

Courtesy of derek raugh/Flickr

Courtesy of Derek Raugh/Flickr

It’s my own fault, I suppose, for thinking that going to a concert on a Friday in Northampton would be more entertaining than going to a concert on a Sunday in Cambridge. For all of you who bought tickets to the show tomorrow night at The Middle East: touché. I applaud your intelligence.

And as bitter as I am, I really want you to have a good time at the concert. G-Eazy is supposedly amazing live, not that I would know, and you need to be prepared for all of the rap-a-longs that are looming in your future. Even if you aren’t going to the concert (join the club), this playlist will make your snow-weekend that much better.

G-Eazy is an Oakland, CA-based rapper, a swaggy white boy if you will. He normally gets lumped into that category of “college rappers”: Sammy Adams, Mac Miller, Asher Roth and the like. He has an unfortunate name, I'll give you that. But don’t write him off so easily; he mixes classic 1960s beats with fabulously immoral lyrics for a new sound that could not be further from the angsty effusions of those other bros. So let the snow day dartying resume as we bring you…


10. “Hang Ten” (The Endless Summer, 2011)


Possibly the best introduction to G-Eazy you could get if this is your first time listening to him: “I’m too old for my age, but it’s funner to act younger.” The English major in me cringes at the grammar faux pas, but the college kid in me can’t help but agree. It might not be the most appropriate of songs for our current snowy situation, but “Hang Ten” will bring you back to sunnier times.


9. “Dollarz and Dreamz” (The Tipping Point, 2008)


This is one of the G’s older songs from his debut mixtape The Tipping Point. If you hopped on the G-Eazy fan base pretty recently this will not sound familiar. His sound changed exponentially between 2008 and 2011. He says "breh" a lot in the earlier years. I’m not 100 percent sure why I like this song so much, but it probably has something to do with the “Eleanor Rigby” sample at the beginning of the track.  Also because, you know, I’ve made chasing those dollarz and dreamz a priority in my life.


8. “Mad” ft. Devon Baldwin (Must Be Nice, 2012)


Look at that face. G-Eazy is adorable. Some of the 1960s come out in this track off of G’s latest album, Must Be Nice.  “Mad” reminds me a lot of the Macklemore song “White Walls,” mainly because the hook is beautiful. Devon Baldwin’s ethereal voice is featured on a few other songs from G’s mixtape The Endless Summer.


7. “Runaround Sue” ft. Greg Banks (The Endless Summer, 2011)


“Runaround Sue” was originally a U.S. No. 1 hit for the 1960s group Dion and the Belmonts. Until G-Eazy decided to modernize the beat and throw some “Rocket Power” references into the lyrics: “I’m out of here with Rocket Power, babe/Otto.” Referencing cartoons in rap songs has previously been monopolized by Tyler the Creator, but G-Eazy shows he can name-drop Nickelodeon with the best of the potheads.


6. “All I Could Do” ft. Skizzy Mars & Devon Baldwin (The Endless Summer, 2011)


“I rap cause I don’t ever want to work inside a cubicle.” It seems that all rappers have that one song in which they feel the need to defend their career decisions. We get it. You’re unique! An individual who can’t be held down by the system of traditional office work! Most of the time I really hate these kinds of songs. But the combination of Skizzy Mars and Devon Baldwin on this track makes G-Eazy’s life decisions irrelevant in my mind. They’re just that good.


5. “Loaded” ft. DJ Carnage (Must Be Nice, 2012)


I drew a comparison to Macklemore earlier. This song is where that comparison ends. You’re not going to find a morally conflicted rapper in G-Eazy; he likes big booties and he cannot lie. I love it: “Got that dapper look, I’m bangin’ Bridget after Brook.” You might recall the phrase “swaggy white boy” which was dropped earlier in this article; well, this song is the manifestation of that phrase. "Loaded" has received a lot of criticism because it does not reflect G-Eazy's style, or some nonsense like that. To those haters I say, have you listened to The Tipping Point? This is the closest thing to G's original style (circa 2008) that he has released in years. Calm yourselves.


4. “Lady Killers” ft. Hoodie Allen (Must Be Nice, 2012)


Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy belong in T-Bird Jackets right alongside Danny Zuko and Kenickie. “Lady Killers” is the theme song that the movie “Grease” never had. It belongs in the pre-game playlist of all you freshman boys out there. You’re all lady-killers in your own special way. Believe that.


3. “Waspy” (The Endless Summer, 2011)


The fact that this song is No. 3 is a testament to the epic-ness of these top three songs. I like to think that this is my life in song form. Not that I have a trust fund or anything, but it’s nice to dream. This song is perfection. It was the reason I first started listening to G-Eazy. And it shows that good music doesn’t have to come from big names. Even the hook comes from a little-known artist: G-Eazy borrows from the song “Tennis” by Cape Dory, which, alone, is insipid without his verses.


2. “Marilyn” ft. Dominique LeJeune (Must Be Nice, 2012)


Probably one of the only deep songs in G’s discography, “Marilyn” gives the player a soul. Again, artists have one of these songs about “that girl,” the one that gets them.  G-Eazy is no different, and yet he keeps true to his style with the references to Marilyn Monroe and JFK, the classic illicit love affair from the 1960s. Once again the hook is beautiful and completes the song. This is a song that restores my belief in the musicality of rap. It’s not just noise.


1. “Make-Up Sex” (The Endless Summer, 2011)


The Endless Summer was an incredible effort by G-Eazy, and this song is the crowning jewel of the mixtape. You know I had to end with “Make-Up Sex.” It’s classic G-Eazy, and probably one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard.  G-Eazy exhibits his carefree spirit in this song, something that all of us college-aged, young folks can appreciate. My personal motto comes from this song: “It’s so hard to be wholesome, yo.” Joking, joking.


G-Eazy will be performing at The Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. on Sunday, Feb. 10. Doors open at 7 p.m. Donations of a ticket to one very sad author would be greatly appreciated. 

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