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Get Global: What's going on in the world

Gavel Media brings you the latest headlines from around the world.


Middle East:

Egypt declares new state of emergency 

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared state of emergency in Port Said and the Suez Canal, where main protests have been taking place. There were deadly protests across the country, when protesters were commemorating the two year anniversary that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak.


 (Social media plays role in revolution)


Suicide attack in Mali stokes panic

A bomber set off the explosive belt he was wearing,which killed himself and injured a Malian soldier. Another explosion occurred in the same place on Friday morning, Feb. 8. Mali is under threat from Islamist extremists, and French troops have intervened to try to prevent a take over of the country by the extremists and prevent more violent attacks.



Japan suffers serious deflation

Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is trying to stop deflation. Productivity growth will continue to lag and wages will keep declining without any structural reforms.

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China and Japan clash over disputed islands

Eight islands in the East China Sea have become the focus of Asian military powers. China and Japan are in a territorial dispute over several islands, including Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, and the two countries came close to exchanging fire after China rejected an accusation that it targeted one of Japan's destroyers.



EU budget: National interests trump solidarity

Th EU has finally agreed on a long-term budget. The plan includes real-term cuts in the budget for the first in the EU’s history. The deal highlights a divide between northern, southern, and eastern European countries. Overall, it shows that national interests take precedence over the European interest.


French supermarkets pull beef products due to horse meat scandal

Six French supermarket chains have taken frozen beef meals off the shelves after it appeared that some of these meals sold in Europe, including the UK, actually contained horse meat.  French authorities said there was no health risk, and the reason for the removal was false labeling.




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