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Nemo crushes Alumni bubble, dreams of glory

The collapse of the bubble over the football field as a result of Nemo has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world. It caused the cancellation of what was looking to be the greatest intramural soccer season in years.

Two games into the season, the Women’s League’s Ruby Razz broke .500 and its future was bright, as a certain MVP had recently broken things off with her Sunday night hookup and was going to be able to play now.

In the Men’s League, Gooners FC and Fenwick FC were fighting it out for the top spot on Monday nights. It was going to be a photo finish before Mother Nature interceded to assert her position as the true top dog.

The effect on players’ future careers is the most unfortunate byproduct of this disaster. Without the highly competitive indoor soccer to hone their skills, many players will be forced to play in the slush— if they wish to continue playing at all. Others are debating the value in playing intramural basketball or volleyball.

In the Men’s League, Savi Tuber said that instead of focusing on the season he’ll be concentrating on personal goals, ”I'm probably going try-out for the Olympics. I’ll have to start a really intense workout regimen too; probably 5 AM stair workouts and the Chobani Diet and I should be all set for Rio 2016!”

For those unfamiliar with the Chobani Diet, it is when a BC student only eats Chobani yogurt and salads. Although as we see from this article, that's not the craziest of diets. But, it is this dedication to his game which earned Tuber the prestigious recognition from BC Intramurals as a Top Performer for “Number of Teams Played On” and that same dedication will be redirected towards his first Olympic gold medal.

However, not all players are feeling so upbeat about their prospects and many will not play any sport at all. The upside to playing is keeping those competitive juices flowing, but the downside holds the possibility of injury, and here are some of the worst ones sustained during soccer matches. They are aware that damage to a soccer player’s ego if injured in another type of sport could be too much to handle. The catcalls and boos from the fans and disdain from the other players as the former soccer star writhes on the ground in minimal to moderate pain could be enough to end a career from shame.

Furthermore, most do not have a soccer ball to their name and will be relegated to the Plex, if they can even find the motivation to work out. I myself, refuse to enter the Plex on account of it instantly inducing sweat and hair frizziness, so I will watch my chances at earning the coveted mug wither away in front of my television.

Many BC careers have been building to the glorious moment of hoisting a coveted mug above one’s head and lowering it to pour the sweet juice of victory (beer) down one’s throat. Many a senior bucket list cannot be completed without this accolade. Come springtime and Phase III the teams will look different, some players will have moved on to play other sports or decided that fate intervened to stop their one shot at glory.

The collapse of the bubble will live on in history as the day when a season of promise and an inflatable roof was crushed under the weight of Nemo.

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