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"Archer" Episode 5: Viscous Coupling

“Phrasing, boom” should be in every human’s stash of everyday comebacks to any remark that might even sound a little bit sexual. I don’t know why I don’t use it more. I have Archer to thank for this wonderful turn of phrase. Recap time!

So, for a lovely Valentine’s Day episode, Archer got all romantic and whatnot and made sure everyone but Archer had dates…even Pam! Good for her! Cheryl/Carol and Pam’s dates can be attributed to a conspicuous warehouse fire. Looking at you, Cheryl, you freakin’ pyromaniac. Cheryl’s weirdness goes to new heights in this episode, with her frequently coming on the screen (phrasing, boom) with epic choke marks around her neck. Guess she still likes the rough stuff. She also believes Archer when he tells her it’s “Opposite Day.” Don’t even get me started.

Anyway, this episode mostly focuses on Archer’s ex-fiancee/current cyborg Katya asking him for help in finding her current boyfriend and sworn enemy of Archer, cyborg Barry. Last we heard from Barry, he was stuck in outer space (thanks to Archer). Archer’s hopes, with the help of some schemery from Krieger, Cheryl, Pam (and some clever A/V work), are to get Katya back by convincing her that Barry is cheating on her. He is unsuccessful.

Screenshot by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Adam Parshall/Gavel Media


We get some awesome takeaways from this episode. Let’s list a few, shall we?

-The return of Krieger’s anime girlfriend. Okay, this is awesome for so many reasons. This odd little virtual projection pops up every once in a while, reinforcing Krieger’s creepiness.

-Krieger’s obsession with robot fights. He purposefully helps Bionic Barry fix his spaceship so he can see an epic robot fight in the streets of Manhattan between Barry and Ray (who now has cyborg legs). Yeah, that would be awesome.

-Archer’s use of Cyril’s name to screw with the guy buying Valentine’s Day stuff…twice. Just fantastic.

-Tentacle porn. Yup. I’ve got nothing for this one. Apparently it’s a popular genre.

-The triumphant return of “Fort Kick A**.” While Lana and Malory are locked in the file room, Lana goes looking in the vents for an escape route, using several stacked boxes labeled “Fort Kick A**.” In season one, Krieger created a fort using file boxes, spawning one of my favorite lines in…ever.



Also, and I can’t quote it here because it’s a little NSFW, but pay attention to exactly how excited Krieger gets when Archer is describing the potential robot fight. It’s a little off-putting (to say the least). See y’all next week!


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