BC "Harlem Shake" responses

This past week, BC joined the “Harlem Shake” video craze after organizing one in Bapst. With almost 650,000 views, there have been some funny, mostly Harry Potter-themed comments appearing on the YouTube page. Here are some of our favorites:

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

1. legion16114
Not Slytherin aye?

2. Bobby Seitz
No dancing in the study hall. 50 points off Gryffindor.

3. msluvbug13
dat kinda looks like hogwarts if dats the place from harry potter

4. HideouslyScared
Drunk Hogwarts.

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

Moments like this makes me happy to be human. Dance to world peace.

6. djb1ge
Just waitin' for an owl to swoop down and drop off a screaming letter.

7. Rachel Fagut
Is that Baldwin or a Hippogriff?

Photo Courtesy of Salvo1017/Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Salvo1017/Flickr

8. mvpatlife
Where's Jerry York?

9. Blanz520
I don't think I've ever been more proud of BC.

10. Callum Burnett
Far right now squatting below parallel. Do they even lift?

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