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Masquerade of the year: ALC Ball

If you weren’t at the ALC Ball on Saturday, you missed out on one of the best parties of the year. Over 800 BC students gathered at the Westin Copley Place for “a night of well-mannered frivolity.” Yes, I just quoted Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. What’s it to ya?

Courtesy of Denise Pyfrom

Courtesy of Denise Pyfrom

All of the ball-goers seemed to have a great time, and the masquerade theme was a crowd pleaser. By the end of the night, almost all of the sequined masks provided by ALC had been claimed. Although most dancers seemed content throwing the masks at each other instead of wearing them. Micah Sy, A&S ’14, said, “I like the masks. I think it’s good to have a theme rather than to have us all just show up and look pretty.”

Photo by Mason Lende/Gavel Media

Photo by Mason Lende/Gavel Media

To push the theme over the top, ALC hired performers to float around the outskirts of the dance floor. Figures on stilts towered over the guests, while ribbon dancers mesmerized some of the less social individuals who were shying near the edges of the party. Two intoxicated partygoers were overheard having the following conversation while staring up at a man on stilts:

“Why are those guys so tall?”

“I think they’re wearing stilts.”

“Maybe . . .”

It’s hard to accurately depict the hilarity of this conversation in print but let me assure you, they were dead serious.

The stilt walkers were impressive, and I can't really blame the two aforementioned gentlemen for being enthralled. It was easy to see where the $25 ticket charge came from between the entertainers, the dinner and the transportation provided back from the ball.  Sarah Peppe, A&S ’15, said that she wished transportation had been provided to the event as well: “They provided buses to and from for the boat cruise so that would have been nice. Generally though I don’t think the price was too much!”

Most people seemed to agree with this and did not find the ticket price exorbitant.  Unless of course you bought two tickets and your date didn’t show up: “She stood me up. But she said she had an honors thing to go to, I swear!!” In order to preserve the dignity of all parties, said jilted freshman will remain unnamed.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 2.42.18 PM

Photo by Mason Lende/Gavel Media

Overall, the $25 was probably an easier price to swallow if you actually made it on time for some of the delicious food provided by the Westin. Note to future generations of ALC Ball-goers: do NOT show up exactly when the doors close. You WILL be hungry, and the cookies WILL be gone. George Yang, CSOM ’16, was on the hunt for food when I cornered him: “I didn’t know there was you think you could find me some?”

While some dancers only wanted to talk about brownies and whatnot, others had more deep-rooted issues that they wanted to address. Michael Tondu, CSOM ’16, said that he was bummed more of his friends didn’t make the trek out to the Westin: “A lot of friends of mine who aren’t AHANA just didn’t want to come. And I’m like, ‘Yo it’s just a ball. It’s a social thing to have fun.”

So in the future, don’t forget: ALC Ball is just an excuse to get out into the city and have fun. It’s not exclusively held for AHANA students. One drunken partygoer, who shall also remain nameless to preserve dignity, came up to me yelling “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE MINORITY NOW?” While this is funny in the moment, it really is too bad that some people feel too intimidated to make it out for fun ALC events. Get over your fears people, it’s just dancing!


Photo by Mason Lende/Gavel Media

Gabriela Mejia, A&S ’13 and co-director of ALC said that she was pleased with the night: “Probably the most rewarding part of the night was having people come up to us and say, ‘This was the best ball we’ve ever been to!’ It seemed like everyone really had a great time. Ultimately we are really proud that we reached the goal of getting a diverse crowd at ALC Ball this year. It was a really fun night.”


Photo by Mason Lende/Gavel Media

Be sure to check out ALC’s next event, ALC Showdown, this spring!


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