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Touring a music blog: Allston Pudding

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Are you bored with your music selection? Are you feeling a little too mainstream as of late? Look no further than Allston Pudding, Boston’s most accessible local music blog. The Boston Music Awards and the Boston Phoenix have repeatedly recognized Allston Pudding in recent years.

I’ll admit it. I had never heard of Allston Pudding before a few weeks ago. I pride myself on supplying the music for every group study session, every pre-game and every chill Friday night. I find music on iTunes, Good Music All Day, Pandora and 8tracks. These sources should have been enough. Right?

Wrong. When a girl in my psychology class mentioned Allston Pudding, I was intrigued. After all, supporting locals is trendy. We support local businesses and local food, so why not local music?

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As my friend promised, Allston Pudding did not disappoint. I started browsing the blog by reading the ABOUT section. I learned that the writers are just as eclectic as the music that’s being promoted. Fans and musicians write reviews and feature articles, so it’s not difficult to get a unique perspective on past shows in Boston and on local artists. Speaking of the articles, they are FUNNY.

I came across an article addressing electronic dance music that I absolutely loved. EDM tends to be hit-or-miss for most people and I think Nate Thompson takes a unique, honest approach in his article. Love or hate EDM, Thompson’s wit made me laugh throughout.

Allston Pudding also offers an easy-to-navigate calendar of all upcoming music performances in Boston. I always hear students complaining about how they can’t escape the “BC Bubble,” so why not go to a show concert in Boston for a change? Most of the shows listed are performed by up-and-coming artists, which guarantees both affordable tickets and unique venues.

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My favorite section of Allston Pudding is easily the MIXTAPE section. Each month a mixtape of the best of Boston artists is released. Free music is a rarity, and I plan to take full advantage of it. Listening to the mixtapes helped me appreciate artists I never would have otherwise discovered. Here are a few of my favorites:


FINS: “Baby in Blue”


Allston Pudding describes FINS as a band expected to do big things in 2013, and I couldn’t agree more. After listening to “Baby in Blue,” I’m surprised they haven’t already made it big. Even more surprising: they’re still in high school. FINS provides uplifting beats and soothing vocals. Their singles are easy-listening and enjoyable for everyone.


The Famous Nobodies: “What You Want”


The Famous Nobodies consist of Dutch ReBelle, Brook, & ReaL P. Three unique styles combine to create one catchy track. “What You Want” talks about the struggle of following your dreams, while others try to bring you down. Personally, I think Dutch ReBelle makes the track. Listening to such a talented female artist in a male-dominated industry is refreshing. If you want to hear more of Dutch ReBelle, I recommend “Sunday Morning." Lyrics prove deep as Dutch ReBelle reveals a darker side that isn’t as prominent in “What You Want.”


Spiritual Rez: “Bring it On”


Although I love hip-hop and rap, Allston Pudding offers all genres of music. Listening to the February mix tape I came across Spiritual Rez, an insanely cool reggae group. I’ve been listening to “Bring it On” on repeat all week. Spiritual Rez had a show in Boston this past Saturday, but they will be touring throughout the East Coast in the upcoming months.

Whether or not you enjoy my personal selections, visit Allston Pudding. When I say there is something for everyone, I’m not exaggerating. If you find an artist or a band worth seeing live, it’s likely they have upcoming shows in the area. Now go legally download some music for a change!

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