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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 16: The Ashtray

Was anyone else surprised at The Captain’s re-appearance on “How I Met Your Mother” last night? To be honest, I completely forgot about this man and his ex-wife, Zoey, also Ted’s ex-slam piece.

For those of you who are still lost, Zoey is the girl from Season 6 who protested against Ted’s architecture project, which involved knocking down the historic Arcadian Hotel. Long story short, they go from hating each other to falling in love and having a little fling, only to be interrupted by the twist of Zoey being married to The Captain. Riveting, I know.

I really don’t remember exactly what happened, but I think it was something along the lines of Ted, Zoey and The Captain all breaking up. Well, Zoey breaking up with both the Captain and Ted. You know what I mean.

Nevertheless, this brings me to another point: the writers need to stop recycling stories. Seriously, the amount of times they bring old characters and storylines back is comically overdone. My fried Monday night brain is usually spinning between the new twists and trying to remember why these characters used to be relevant.



But I digress. This recycling was justified because it did result in a quality episode featuring a stoned Ted and a wasted Robin. The best kind of Ted and Robin, I might add. I love when this show delves into past memories and recounts them multiple times; it always results in a solid good time.

Lily spontaneously decides to reignite her artistic interests and takes the crew to an art exhibit where they run into the intimidating and very rich Captain. Stoned Ted is, put quite simply, awesome.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

The guy has no fear and no understanding of social cues, but ironically he is so much less awkward than sober Ted. Maybe he should start smoking before dates…we could be on to something here.

Anyway, Robin thinks the Captain is in love with her, but of course her version of the story is twisted due to a rapid fire round of shots, which by the way she took like a champ.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Let me just say that I was laughing out loud in my living room at Barney’s fake memory of entering the art gallery with two bikini-clad girls by his side. It was all fun and games until it took a turn to the sad and serious. Really, this was brutal. I don’t want to hear about Barney feeling left out and worthless outside of his knack for creative storytelling.

I want the girl-crazy, cocky Barney who makes me laugh out loud in my living room. To make matters worse, this is followed by Lily crying over being unhappy with her life because she gave up her dreams of having an art career. Pump the brakes, we were having fun a minute ago.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Kara Weeks/Gavel Media

I’m not going to say “How I Met Your Mother” hasn’t pulled any of this “Days of Our Lives” stuff on us before. I’m just saying I was not the number one fan of the emotional rollercoaster we were subjected to in this episode.

In other news, Lily got a job working for The Captain’s art business (or whatever he does in the art world?) and is happy again one second later. Yay!


Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS for Episode 17!