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"Archer" Episode 6: Once Bitten

All right, for those of you paying attention to a certain trend with episodes of “Archer," one of its calling cards is pop culture references. So I’ll just start with the title. Ian Hunter’s 1975 hit, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” covered in 1989 by American metal band Great White. Also could refer to falling in love, but it could also refer to Archer being bitten by something somewhere unseemly…hmmm…guess we’ll find out! Recap time!

I’m going to spread the pop culture reference of love throughout this one, because lists are starting to annoy me. So, we start off in the desert with an immediate reference to Rat Patrol (over my head, but whatever, I’ll let you have this one "Archer"). Archer’s bucket list is nothing short of extraordinary. Some of the things on that list I can’t really list here because they’re…odd, but still great. One of them is killing Cyril (duh) and being at one of those “things where they make a record-breaking amount of food, like a frittata the size of a hockey rink.” Me want frittata.

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Archer’s special snake bite happens right after a fantastic Silence of the Lambs reference (“The lambs are screaming!”) and, for reasons that will be obvious when you watch this episode, what follows is a very painful, graphic, chill-inducing scene…yet it’s hilarious because it’s all at Archer’s expense. I’ll let you guess where he got bit. Either way, there’s a crazy amount of poison surging through his bloodstream like a Sherman tank.

We’re then taken back to ISIS, where the flavor of the day is Lana’s “clomping,” marking a surprising, yet still funny, change from talking about her monster/Ent/tree/Truckasaurus hands. And I would like to thank Pam and Cheryl for this next reference: a reference to AT-AT’s from Star Wars from Pam, and a subsequent impression from Cheryl. Oh, Star Wars. Will you ever stop giving? Also…how is Cheryl so surprisingly lucid this episode? She seems to now know things that most people wouldn’t pick up on. Probably all that glue she’s hopped up on.

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Cyril manages to freak Archer out more than anything in the world by describing all the side effects of his snakebite. And it’s kind of gross. Archer also correctly categorizes himself as definitely not a “regular” person, lest we forget his liver’s ability to metabolize toxins. Ray also manages to pull the dumbest stunt in the episode, by using his back to pick up a stuck Jeep, when he has, you know, bionic legs? Dummy.

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All right. Last thing from this episode, is Archer’s venom-induced hallucinations, which include a ghost Land Rover, and Cyril and Ray as alligators. But, the main part of this is (along with his Janis Joplin reference) Archer’s long-form hallucination about his past, where we see him prancing around half naked with a lacrosse stick several times, striking out a Major League home-run king, taking a recruiting trip to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, getting gut-shot, and ALMOST remembering who his father is! That’s right folks. We may find out who Archer’s father is. All of this, by the way, is facilitated by late English actor James Mason. Yeah. I got nothing for that one. See y’all next time!


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