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Thank you UGBC: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to head Modstock

Dear UGBC,

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 9.26.38 PMWe haven’t been on great terms thus far into my college experience. I’ve had horrible luck with you as a sophomore here at Boston College. No fall concert freshman year. Then, for the spring concert, you go and book Third Eye Blind and Nelly. Let me repeat that, Third Eye Blind and Nelly: a musical combination strange enough to warrant an SNL skit.

This year our fall concert was a step up from the strangeness that was the 2012 spring concert. Lupe Fiasco and Timeflies Tuesday were a bit of an apology, I suppose. We were on speaking terms once again after the 2012 fall concert.

Now UGBC, we come to the pivotal part in our relationship. I would like to issue a formal apology. I rescind any snarky comments made about you. I take them all back.

Why this sudden change of heart UGBC? Why do I not utter the words spring concert with expletive-like venom? BECAUSE MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS ARE COMING TO BOSTON COLLEGE FOR MODSTOCK.


UGBC, I love you. You have made me a very happy girl. This was a clutch performance on your behalf.

We, the student population at BC, have all been waiting, anticipating this announcement for months now. There was even a #Macklemore4SpringConcert floating around in the Twitter-sphere.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 9.22.00 PM

We feel a kind of ownership of Macklemore and all of his thrifty awesomeness. There aren’t many times when Boston College can claim to be a hipster school, but we have been on the Macklemore bandwagon since day one.

I laugh at those silly people who are just starting to get their first invites to “Thrift Shop Parties.” Oh you plebians, I went to one of those in the Strip Mod in October.

We love Macklemore. We deserve Macklemore. And UGBC, you delivered. I’M SO READY TO POP SOME TAGS.

Thank you UGBC, from the bottom of my heart. This makes up for the past two years. We are friends once more.





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