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Top 10 Imagine Dragons songs

Imagine Dragons is coming to the House of Blues tomorrow night (Feb. 25)!

Let me rephrase that. IMAGINE DRAGONS IS COMING TO THE HOUSE OF BLUES TOMORROW NIGHT (Feb. 25)!!! If you were lucky enough to get tickets to their sold out show, feel free to start jumping around with your roommates and throw out a blistering cry or two. If you’re currently pouting, sobbing, or asking “What's an Imagine Dragon?” better luck next time.

Imagine Dragons is one of those bands that developed overnight. First, they were just another undiscovered, kind of cool band on one of my Pandora stations. Then, they became their own Pandora station. And then a one-hit wonder, and then a five-hit wonder, and then an entire dominating force in my iTunes library. I became OBSESSED.  Straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada, they have a sort of Kings of Leon meets Modest Mouse sound, which is sure to get the crowds going on their Night Visions tour at House of Blues on Feb. 25.

If you are one of the lucky few to be able to call yourself a ticket-holder or you plan on jammin’ out to them during your next night in at the dorm room (dance parties are accepted and encouraged), hold on to your desk chairs ‘cause this list is sure to blow you away.


10. “Round and Round”


Originally released on their EP Continued Silence and then re-released on their debut studio album Night Visions, “Round and Round” is one of the group’s darker sounding songs, with heavy drums and a driving tambourine in the background. It sets the scene for the band’s lyrical style: very real life and relatable, with lines such as “All the emptiness inside you is hard enough to fill./Without a sense of purpose, we’re setting up to fail.”

9. “Fallen”


This is a surprising dark song for how upbeat and energetic the melodies are. Although Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons’ lead singer, is singing about the inevitable onset of death, the active percussion of this song definitely gives you a reason to dance around.

8. “The River”


Finally, some light! An optimistic song full of encouragement to “reach, it’s not as bad as it seems,” the band gives us a glimpse of the happier side of rock n’ roll.

7. “Emma”


Another off the EP, “Emma” is not well known to even seasoned Imagine Dragons fans. It takes the number seven spot for its build-up of “Hell and silence, I can fight it,” tactical use of the keyboard, and for begging the question: Who is Emma and why is Dan Reynolds for her and not for me?

6. “Bleeding Out”


Another song about death, but this one sheds a little light on the art of sacrifice. Not that I would ever support any member of Imagine Dragons bleeding out. Ever.

5. “Hear Me”


A fan favorite to shout along to, “Hear Me” will be sure to be on the set list at House of Blues. It’s fantastic in the harmonious, desperate lyrics and one of my favorite guitar riffs on Night Visions.

4. “Radioactive”


One of the most headbang-friendly songs on the album, “Radioactive” calls for some serious rockin’ out. It has one of the closest things to a drop that a song outside of dubstep can have.  Welcome to the new age of rock, kiddos.

3. “It’s Time”


The song that made Imagine Dragons famous, the song most often played on the radio, the song that constituted a Glee cover… it deserves some serious applause. The opening mandolin progression breaks the standard electric guitar style of the group, which is a nice surprise to give this Top 40 hit a lighter air among the other death-heavy songs of Night Visions.

2. “Demons”


An absolute heartbreaker of a song, “Demons” can cater to almost any person lyrically. The premise behind the song, that “no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed,” is a difficult but powerful message to absorb. Personally, I think it makes the group more lovable, demons and all.

1. “Amsterdam”


And we’re finally down to number one! A fun, airy track with an upbeat electric guitar riff, this song is one to dance and jump along to. However, the raw quality of Reynold’s voice combined with guilt-ridden lyrics indicates that this hits way closer to home than fun and airy. Be on the lookout for “Amsterdam” at House of Blues tomorrow night, and don’t forget to scream your heart out.

Imagine Dragons will be playing at the House of Blues on Monday, February 25. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


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