“Girls” Episode 7: Video Games

Oh my god! Look at those…is that really what computers used to look like? I mean those look like doghouses. - Hannah Horvath

When Sunday rolls around, as disturbed as you may feel by your weekend, “Girls” will probably end up disturbing you more. In a totally awesome way. All of a sudden you’re thinking, okay, I’m not that weird and Hannah would totally understand my problems. I thought this week’s episode was more entertaining than the Oscars will ever be (even though Jennifer Lawrence did take a lovely tumble).

We ain't in NYC anymore.

Literally. This week’s episode took us to Jessa’s dad’s house in rural New York.  Yeah, I didn’t know that rural New York was a real place either. Anyway, the last three episodes have been taking us out of our Girls comfort zone.  We’re used to episodes full of the whole gang chillin’ in NYC.   “Video Games” left me wondering, is this the new norm? Are we going to see more character development outside of the city? And is this something we actually want to see?  I thought it was kind of cool to see the girls out of their element and attempting to survive outside of the ever-inclusive NYC.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Jessa is a real person?  

Since the beginning of this show, Jessa has been the token outcast of the group. We never really got emotionally invested in her because she was so hard to get a grasp on. No one really knew what her deal was or why she existed, so it was pretty easy to hate her. Especially because she has been so destructive and delusional.

And I honestly can’t stand her weird hairstyles (get a haircut please) or weirdly curtain-esque ensembles.  But this episode established her as a real person who we can sympathize with. She isn’t a self-made weirdo. Her family sucks, and we get more raw emotions out of her.  After this episode, it's hard to hate her.

This conversation happened (and it was disturbingly hilarious):

**Discussing Jessa’s dad’s past relationships and his other daughter.

Hannah: Well don’t they have like a 5-year-old daughter?

Jessa: No, that was the last one. This is Petula.

Hannah: Well, what happened to the 5-year-old daughter?

Jessa: Uh, no one speaks to her. I wonder if her name is still Lemon.

If you really think about it, this conversation is quite horrifying. But it is just one of the many examples of how great Hannah and Jessa are together. They aren’t fazed or disturbed by one another’s weirdness. Their conversations are a combination of hilarious, heartwarming and horrific.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

“You’re the cushion!”

I love when Petula refers to Hannah as “the cushion.” There have been so many scenarios in the show where Hannah plays the part of the cushion. She provides the comic relief; the perfect combination of awkward comments and unintentional jokes to keep her friends going.

Oh, Frank.

From the moment Frank walked out of the house (wearing a red turtle neck and holding a portable radio) I knew Hannah was gonna hit that!  She always goes for the guy that we all hope she’s going to run (or SPRINT) away from.  I was hoping she’d gained some self-respect after her fling with Joshua. No such luck. BUT her post-sex conversation with Jessa was hilarious.  And I think she might’ve helped Frank come out.  I’m just hoping this is her final horrifying hook-up—I want to see the new Hannah come out to play!

  • “Hannah, he had camel toe.”- Jessa


Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Jessa’s dad is the worst. Seriously, I didn’t think anyone could suck more than Jessa, but her dad makes her seem AWESOME.  The scene where she breaks down talking to her dad was shocking and sad, although I will say the acting job was sub-par. She sounded like a dying animal.  Anyway, just when we think he might be showing a hint of kindness, he screws her over again. Who ditches their child at a grocery store? WHO DOES THAT? I think he’s responsible for pushing Jessa over the edge. The place where she should find the most comfort, she finds the least.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media


Which is more painful: Dealing with your parents or a UTI?

Throughout the episode, Hannah struggles to deal with her UTI. It is pretty gross (and quite typically Hannah) but in the end we get an interesting scene of Hannah simultaneously struggling to deal with her UTI and a phone conversation with her parents.

After dealing with Jessa’s horrific family, Hannah is inspired to thank her parents for being supportive (and somewhat normal).  But their heart-warming moment is ruined by her painful attempts to pee and her mom’s suspicious attitude. I thought the scene was humorously getting at the disconnect between parent and child.  A phone conversation with our parents can be as painful as a UTI. We’re trying to connect…but we just really aren’t on the same page. We’ve got our own problems that they don't really understand (although I really hope the majority of you aren’t regularly dealing with UTIs).

Where is Jessa going?

Just when I’m starting to like Jessa, she decides to disappear. What does her note at the end mean? Is she going back to NYC? Is she going to go on another one of her infamous adventures? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Video Games?

In the middle of the episode Hannah has an interesting conversation with Petula about video games. Petula is crazy and convinced that life is just a video game in which we’re all struggling to get to the next level.  Hannah is confused and scared by this idea.  But I guess all of these characters are trying to get to the next level, struggling through the awkward in-betweens. Sometimes they fall off the cliff and could really use an extra life (Temple Run anyone...?). 

 Aimee Mann- How Am I Different?


This song is weird and depressing, but perfect for this episode.


Keep gittin' your Girls on!