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Opinion: The sequester causes chaos!

So the sequester is coming! First off, if you haven’t heard of the sequester then do not worry, you aren't the only one and I understand—it's midterm season, so it makes sense to not pay attention to what is going on outside of your own life. A simple definition of the sequester is automatic spending cuts from domestic spending and defense spending that are going to ruin the lives of almost everyone.

The defense spending cuts I can live with. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 20 percent of our budget goes towards defense. The next largest expenditures are on Social Security (20 percent), Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (21 percent).

Not only would the sequester cut all these programs, but it would also cut social-safety net programs that are 13 percent of the US budget. These parts of our budget benefit federal retirees and veterans, transportation and infrastructure, education, science and medical research, non-security international and other government programs.

Here is a detailed list of some serious cuts that are going to cause chaos for the already fragile economy:

The Federal Aviation Administration would see a $619 million cut 

Reason why it would cause chaos: Have you traveled by airplane lately? It is probably one of the most stressful First World experiences out there.  It is the worst being poked and prodded by TSA workers or gawked at through those sexy x-ray scanners. The cuts will add to those discomforts by leading to major flight delays, aging infrastructure (because our esteemed politicians thought it was a good idea to cut from facilities and equipment) and furloughed transportation security administrators in addition to other furloughed FAA employees.

Health Services receives massive cuts

Reasons why it would cause chaos: Everyone who has a desire to go into the health field needs to hear this. The sequester would cut from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, federal support of health centers and embassy security.  This means that fewer people would receive needed treatments for illnesses and substance abuse, the elderly would not get nearly enough meals delivered to senior homes and there would not be enough vaccinations to prevent preventable diseases.

In other words, if there was a massive zombie outbreak and the CDC needed to research the disease and stop the outbreak of the zombie bacterium, they would not have enough money to conduct the research and even if they did figure out how to prevent the zombie bacterium, they would not have enough vaccinations for everyone, thereby dooming us to a Walking Dead-type fate.

Humanitarian Aid would have to cut $2.6 billion this year

Reasons why it would cause chaos: This one is for all those who are considering joining the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps after they graduate. The resources that are needed in order to aid impoverished countries are going to be cut, from AIDS medication in Africa to humanitarian assistance in places like Syria.

$406 million cut from Head Start programs

Reason why it would cause chaos and ruin the economy:  Head start is a pre-school education program for low-income children. This program is extremely important because it provides children with access to healthcare programs and gives poor children access to healthy meals that they may not be getting at home. Additionally, this cut would force schools to fire 14,000 teachers. Public school teachers have already been taking a hit during this economic recovery on the state level because state legislatures have been cutting public sector jobs monthly.

Right now the conversation about the sequester in Washington is about who created the sequester. Congressional republicans have been blaming Obama, even attempting to make #obamaquester trend on Twitter. Whenever Speaker Boehner has gotten in front of a camera, he is talking tough and saying things like Obama doesn’t have guts to come up with cuts or Obama doesn’t have a plan to replace the cuts. It probably won’t surprise you that the “Obama has no replacement” line is not true and you can find the plan on the White House website.

This manufactured crisis is going to be a serious blow to the economy brought to us by some of our elected officials. Many people are going to be left with because the important services that they need are being cut. Europe is the clearest indicator that these austerity measures are not going work and are going to hurt our economy.  So, Mr. Speaker, we need you to get serious about the economy and stop putting on a show in order to quell the voices of the fringe members of your party.

Francesska is a proud Bostonian. She is a Political Science and Sociology major with a minor in Faith, Peace and Justice. In other words, she often has no time for herself. When she does have time for herself, she spends it tackling tough issues such as various social constructs or she is being indoctrinated by MSNBC because CNN has turned into a joke and Fox News is Fox News. She is an ardent supporter of the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics and a bandwagon Red Sox fan. Eager to share her opinions she joined Gavel Media as a staff writer. When she is not sharing her opinion in Gavel articles, she is sharing them on twitter @toearlyforthis.