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Opinion: Mr. BC or Mr. Conceited?

The male pageant circuit at Boston College showcases the really, really, ridiculously good looking people on campus. Some believe that these contests are trivial, superficial and just a way for some BC bros to show off their six packs. Everyone celebrates the academic and athletic aspects of our school, so why not celebrate the aesthetic?

Courtesy of Archangel12/Flickr

Courtesy of Archangel12/Flickr

For too long, women have been the only ones who were allowed to prance around on stage in swimsuits and show off how moderately talented they might be. Solely judging women for their looks like this is disgusting and sexist. It’s time that America, no, the world stops this sexism and allows for more male pageants.

Although BC is at the forefront of the pageants-for-men movement, more schools and organizations should really provide guys with the opportunity to present their beauty onstage. Without these opportunities, men will be trapped in traditional gender roles with no hope of getting out.

Many people ask what the deal is with the Mr.Upper/Netwon/ Lower/etc. pageants. What would compel anyone to enter one of those? What kind of guy gets involved with something like that? As the winner of this year’s Mr. Newton competition, I can tell you some of the reasons why a guy might participate in one of these pageants.

Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

The Situation. Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Ladies, do you think we work out for ourselves? No way. I could develop a charming or funny personality, but working on a six pack seems so much easier. There is a reason everybody loves The Situation and thinks that he is a great guy. It isn’t because of the way the respectful way that he treats his lady friends.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino frequents the G part of GTL, and that’s why women around the world swoon for him. Besides, a personality can fade, but abs are forever. Guys enter these competitions in order to show off the body that they’ve worked so hard for with tough exercise regiments and strict diet plans.

We want our parents to be proud of us. I had never been prouder to tell my Dad anything than when shared that I was a pageant winner. Making any sports team, receiving college acceptance letters and speaking at graduation all paled in comparison to winning a male pageant. For it is not brains, confidence, or athletic prowess that a father wants to pass onto his son. A father only wants his son to be a pretty boy, because only looks will get you far in life.

Winning a male pageant also gives mothers everywhere a piece of mind. They can rest assured that their sons will be able to find a nice, successful woman to take care of them. Maybe they did not initially dream of their son being a trophy husband to some wealthy cougar, but it is a desirable backup. Honestly, I was a little disappointed when I was not snatched up as trophy husband immediately after I won Mr. Newton. Although, I still have plenty of youthful years ahead of me to pursue the dream to marry rich.

Girls love macho guys, and what is more masculine than winning a male pageant? Not only do BC’s “Mr.” competitions provide guys a chance to prove that they are tougher and manlier than other guys around campus, but they also allow men to display their tough and rugged nature to the women who attend the competitions.

Courtesy of Adil Mohamed/Flickr

Male Pageant. Courtesy of Adil Mohamed/Flickr

After these pageants, women swoon, knowing that the winners are the manly-men they desire. I know that I could have proved my manliness, something that all men must do, by joining a sports team, going hiking, or learning how to fix cars, but entering a male beauty pageant just seemed so much more effective.

Honestly though, no one at Boston College should take any “male beauty pageant” or anyone who enters it seriously. No guy who participates in them actually believes that he is the best looking guy on campus or even that he is necessarily handsome. Instead, it is a good opportunity for guys at BC to get on stage and make some people laugh by acting like a fool.

Even among those fools, some competitors go up on stage and perform a real talent, like singing or guitar playing. The “Mr.” competitions give some of these competitors, not being involved in any music or an a cappella group, one of the only opportunities they’ll have to perform in front of their peers. The male pageant shows are pure entertainment and a great way for BC students to get some laughs.

If you don’t believe me that it is all just a big joke, be sure to check out the Mr. BC competition Thursday, March 21.


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