Opinion: Housing drama not worth it

It’s that time of the year ladies and gentlemen, the time when ResLife is at the height of its evil doings, wreaking havoc and panic through all grade levels through *cue drum roll* THE HOUSING SELECTION PROCESS.

The housing selection process spans over many days, narrowing down from the Mods to 8-mans, 4-mans, 7 and 9-mans, CoRo and Greycliff. ResLife’s sick method of having the process span over days creates anxiety in all the participants, driving them insane with the idea that they would become social outcasts if they landed on CoRo or Greycliff.


The housing selection is not only a way to figure out where you’re living the next year, it’s also a secret method to test your group’s friendship. Through this process you find out who you can’t imagine being separated from and who you really don’t like all that much.

During my freshman year, I had it a lot easier than the unfortunate souls who had to go through the process until CoRo and even Greycliff, since I managed to snag a room in Walsh. However, regardless of where we end up living, we are all victims to the emotional distress and strained friendships caused by ResLife.

Luckily, I didn’t lose any friends during the process, but I can’t say the same for a good number of other groups. Some of my friends had to decide who to kick out if they were going to go for an 8-man, who to replace because they had drifted apart during the year, and so on.

The thing is, is it really worth it to strain and even lose friendships because of a living situation? Whatever building you’re living in, it’s only for one year. Is that really worth giving up a friendship that could last a lifetime?


I would say yes, that friendship is worth losing if you TRULY believe that your social life would be better for the sole reason that you’re living on Lower and not Upper, or if you thought that you and your friend didn't have a strong friendship in the first place. But, let me tell you, being a social butterfly isn’t dependent on whether you live on Lower or whether you’re able to throw ragin’ parties in your room. It all depends on how much effort you put into meeting up with friends, even if it’s as simple as grabbing lunch with them once a week. 

Trust me, I lived on Newton my freshman year and other than trekking up that wretched Duchesne hill or having to ride the Newton buses, I had a blast. I was not a social outcast, I had a good group of friends, I occasionally got lunch with my friends who lived on main campus and I was still able to go to parties on the weekends without having to clean up the mess.

So, whether you end up living on the far away lands of College Road or Greycliff, the cramped rooms of the 7 and 9-mans in Vandy, an 8-man in 90, or score a Mod, know that everything will work out the way it should and if you’re worried about losing your friends, instead of cutting them out of your life for your benefit in the housing process, treat them well and call them up for lunch once in a while!