Best Twitter reactions to the new pope announcement


For those of you who, like me, never took Latin and thought everyone on Twitter was suddenly typing gibberish, that phrase means, "We have a pope!"

Earlier today, Mar. 13, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was announced as the newest pope, taking the name of Francis. Once the white smoke billowed from the Vatican, people immediately burst into frantic bouts of excitement as they anxiously awaited the announcement.

The choice of Cardinal Bergoglio caused lots of excitement for being not one but two "firsts": he is the first pope from one of the Americas, and the first Jesuit pope. Here at BC, we are extremely proud of our Jesuit education so naturally, this was cause for major celebration.




Even the Pope himself tweeted about it! Who knew the head of the church was so tech-savvy?

And of course my personal favorite:

Screenshots by Samantha Costanza/Gavel Media


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