Tight Right Now: Wanelo, The Fancy and Store Envy

While you were running down the beach in Punta Cana, I was contemplating an adventure of my own: couch surfing.  According to the ever-trustworthy Urban Dictionary, couch surfing is defined as follows: “A skilled professional sport; most often taken up by the homeless musician. It may consist of riding the 'ultimate wave' (prolonged or permanently scored sofa accommodation) or smaller, shorter waves (temporary stays).”  I even managed to find a stellar website dedicated to connecting the world’s most generous, couch-owning people. While you were having real water fun on vacation, I was almost having fake water fun at home.

But then, as usual, I changed my mind. I have enough friends — I DON’T NEED YOU BEDBUGS. Also, a much more exciting sport is one that I’m already pretty good at: online shopping. How long will it take my checking account to go into overdraft this time? How long will it take my mom to call me, screaming, afterwards? New records may be set today. Oh, the thrill!


If you haven’t spent at least two hundred hours experiencing the glory of this site, you are deprived and sad. It’s one hugely giant (“hugely giant” makes sense here) catalog of products organized by people around the world. Type in whatever keyword you want and, voilà: thousands of beautiful and varied results. For example, when I type in one of my personal favorite keywords, “mint green,” these are some of the 4,651 items that come up:


Somewhere many Greek goddesses and Xena the Warrior Princess are crying. This chick is FIERCE.

hawt 4

I want this. On me.


hawt 3

With things like this on the site, how can you say no? It's like grandpa and mint green all in one. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Have I mentioned that WANELO is short for “Want Need Love”? Do things even get more delicious?


The Fancy is yet another fabulous, crowd-curated catalog. It tends to be much more expensive than WANELO, so I spend much less time there (I'm the girl who considered couch surfing, after all). It has something amazing, though, that WANELO does not: a section dedicated to things that help you serve and eat food. It even includes some recipes — FO’ FREE. Yes, I know food is unrelated to fashion, but if you find a problem with that I can feel your creepiness though cyberspace and need you to get off my page. NOW.


While on WANELO, I came across this awesome site.  It’s a great place to start your own boutique, free of cost, if you’re talented enough to make creative clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You’d really be helping out us untalented people as we sit on our couches (or maybe someone else's) hungry for some new merchandise.



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