Living in Vandy/90

I live in a nine-man in Vanderslice Hall (Vandy) and it’s a pretty sweet deal. Although living with eight other girls can be a lot to handle sometimes, the dorm life in Vandy and its proximity to Lower outweigh any kind of girl or guy problems you might encounter. Last year’s housing came down to the wire for my group and I, as we pulled out a nine-man in the final minutes. For that I am very grateful.

Courtesy of Katie Levingston

Vandy is about 50 steps away from Lower dining hall and two steps away from the Mods. 90 is about 20 steps away from Lower, so you can’t go wrong with either option. Vandy has a parking lot in the front, which can be useful if you have a car on campus and are willing to pay the fee, or if friends/family visit. Vandy also has the Cabaret Room which doubles as a two floor study space and a room for various evening events. 90 has vending machines in its lobby for those of you with a late night sweet tooth.

While Walsh is considered the only true “sophomore dorm,” Vandy and 90 are some of the nicest dorms on campus. While they both house sophomores, juniors and seniors, they are newer than Walsh and are relatively close to Comm. Ave., granting easy access to great places such as El Pelon, Dunkin Donuts, and White Mountain.

Courtesy of Katie Levingston

Courtesy of Katie Levingston

Vandy takes the cake in being home to anomalies of BC housing, as it has the 13 nine-mans and three seven-mans on campus. It also has spiral staircases to lead up to its various floors of lounges and two entrances at the front and the back.

If you are living anywhere on lower next year, you’re a very lucky BC student. It’s the greatest hub of student activity, just steps away from Robsham Theater, Conte Forum, O’Neill, and the famous Mods. What more could you ask for? Maybe, to not have to clean your own bathroom once in a while… But I’ll take the trade off.

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