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The ultimate hunk-off

Are you ready for the coming gun show on Thursday?  Ladies, control yourselves. Gentleman, keep your jealousy in check. The Mr. BC male beauty pageant is here and the hunks are ready to perform.

(Opinion: Mr. BC or Mr.Conceited)

RHAWhat’s the lineup look like this year? I’d say it’s an impressive field across the board. Mr. Newton, Mr. Upper, a former-Mr. Newton contender, an Undergraduate Government of Boston College candidate and a member of the infamous Strip Mod all on one stage? Hold on to your panties ladies.

(Ten things you didn't know about Strip Mod)

Now I know what you’re all thinking: these sexy hunks of man-meat are just a bunch of pretty faces. They all skate by on their looks and spend more time in the Plex than in any classroom. Oh ye of little faith, beauty runs deep in this group.  The interviewing process was a grueling, in-depth test of both looks and personality. Peter Sidney, CSOM ’15 and Mr. BC Organizer, says, “This year we tried to go for more of comedic group. In the interviews we looked for people who had funny responses and a general good sense of humor.“

Again, I’m pretty much positive you’re all thinking, “Sure, sure they’re all special individuals with loads of cool talents and interesting things to say . . . yadda, yadda, yah. TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!” Now, now. Let’s not objectify these brave men. They have serious work to do in the Mr. BC Pageant.

First item on the agenda? A highly choreographed group dance number to open the show. According to Sidney, the men of Mr. BC have been “rehearsing diligently.” He would neither confirm nor deny the rumors of a Britney Spears themed montage that have been bandied around campus. Although I have to say that a dance routine to this song would not be unwelcome.


Next, the boys get to strut their stuff on a BC pride runway. Sidney says this is where the competition starts to get heavy. “Anything BC related. Anything they want. That’s when the bios will be read. They have to walk a catwalk, they each pick their own music for the intros, and then at the end of the catwalk they’ll be asked a question in true beauty pageant form.  They just have to leave it all on the runway,” he says.

Before we get into too much description over the next phase of the competition, you should all probably sit down. That’s right. Swimwear. Will the Mr. BC boys take some hints from LMFAO?


Hopefully. Gentleman, we want leopard-print Speedos and we want them now. When asked if the contenders will be restricted in any way, Sidney says, “We have a strict no-nudity policy. Other than that its up to their own interpretation.” Which means the Speedo dream lives on.

I hate to make bold predictions, but my money for the swimwear competition is on Tom Swiderski, Mr. Mods and part-time stripper for 27B. Taking off all of your clothing in front of large groups of people is many people's worst nightmare. It takes the kind of confidence you can’t develop overnight. The other Mr. BC hopefuls will need to bring their A-game if they want to keep up with the professional.


Once the clothing goes back on, the fun continues with the talent and formal-wear portion of the pageant. Sarah Peppe, A&S ’15 and RHA programming committee member, says that this is her favorite part of the night. “The guys have girl escorts for the formal wear catwalk; I’m really excited to see whom they bring! They can bring whomever they want. One, five, it really doesn’t matter,” she says. My advice to the Mr. BC hopefuls? Roll down that catwalk with every female you know. The more the merrier.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 1.20.39 AM

Ryan Anderson: basketball player by day, male beauty pageant judge by night.

Once the dancing, stripping and general tomfoolery has ceased, nothing separates the contestants from the coveted Mr. BC crown except three judges: sophomore basketball star Ryan Anderson, CSOM Statistics Professor Richard McGowan and Stuart-legend Dorita Angelats. Who has what it takes to impress all three of these judges? Only time will tell.

In the end, Mr. BC is a jolly time to be had by all. Sidney says even if male beauty pageants aren’t your thing, come out anyways. “It’s free. It’s a fun thing for people to do. The kids who are in the competition are just going to make absolute fools of themselves and we should all get a good laugh out of it,” he says.

Ultimately, are we really there to cheer for the most vain and self-absorbed swoll bro? Of course not. We want to laugh, and the men of Mr. BC will not disappoint.


The next Mr. BC will be selected in the Rat on Thurs. March 21 at 7:30 p.m. Make sure to come and cheer on your friends! Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Screenshots by Emily Akin/Gavel Media.


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