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As Boston College Confessions says, "open confession is good for the soul, so don't underestimate the value of sharing." Sometimes all we need is to get something off of our chest but we are often too afraid of the repercussions and resulting judgments. However, by sharing our  confessions anonymously we can lift the weight off of our souls and keep our reputations in tact. BC Confessions has taken our community by storm, with more and more confessions each hour. Here are some of the funniest, saddest, most inspirational, and just downright weird confessions:


Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

5 Most Inspirational:

1. Confession #2875: I go out on the weekends trying to hook up, because that's the "cool" thing to do, but the truth is I just want a girlfriend more than anything else in the world

2. Confession #2821: My boyfriend is beautiful, and I plan on coming out to my parents because I'm with someone so amazing.

3. Confession #2820: I liked but did not love my first year at BC. Sophomore year I joined two clubs that were both new to me and it completely changed my experience. Connect with people by trying new things and you'll find your best friends! I'm so glad I put myself out there and I hope the prospective eagles will take this message to heart. BC is what you make it, for sure.

4. Confession #2198: This page has helped remind me that there is so much more to people than meets the eye. I admittedly have judged people in the past before I got to know them, but that is going to change. When you see someone, you never know what that person is going through, or what pain they are hiding behind their smile. Give someone a compliment, hold the door for them, spark up a conversation. You never know how something seemingly so small can make someones entire day. Take the chance to get to know people and learn their story.

5. Confession #2863: I think that people get so focused on the negative aspects of BC that we forget how lucky we all are to be here. EVERY school has its pros and cons, but everyone needs to realize how amazing Boston College is and that there are thousands of people who would kill to be in our positions! Everyone of us worked our asses off to get here and we should not only appreciate how lucky we are, but we should go one step further and work together as a community to make sure that every single one of us is able to make the best of our 4 years at this amazing school

Top 5 Saddest:

1. Confession #2768: Because of the communal bathrooms here, I use getting drunk on the weekends now as an excuse to throw up so my roommates don't suspect me. I've never once looked in the mirror and saw someone beautiful. Guys, go out and tell her she's beautiful because you might just save her.

2. Confession #2665: I wish I was bullied, at least it means someone cares enough to notice something, anything, about me. I live my life in secret, not because I want to, but because no one cares.

3. Confession #2642: @#2556, i was raped two years ago and have had to face all kinds of horrendous and insensitive reactions from the few people knew when it happened. you really aren't alone, and i pray that you'll be able to find peace with it and in yourself. no one ever asks for it, or deserves it, and it shouldn't be up to girls to not get raped. it's up to guys not to rape.

4. Confession #2704: If I don't get more financial aid next semester I will have to drop out of BC. I can't work and be a full time student anymore

5. Confession #2682: I used to have amazing confidence. Now, after making a few mistakes first semester, I can barely look at myself in the mirror. People compliment me and my initial thought is "are you just saying that to be nice?" It's truly so sad. I know I am an amazing person and deserve the best but I focus too much on the past. Hopefully time will get me out of this rut...

Top 5 Funniest:

1. Confession #2755: When all of my roommates are gone, I smoke a bowl in our room and then turn on Star Wars music and pretend I'm a Jedi. Sometimes, being normal is overrated and even more times being Obi-Wan is way more awesome.

2. Confession #2706: Spent 45 minutes manscaping today because I just really needed a change, but then I accidentally shaved a line on my chest and instead of just ignoring it I shaved all the way across right above my nipples. It looks like an elf took a miniature lawn mower to my chest hair.

3. Confession #2600: I take massive shits that destroy toilets so I don't let myself poop in my own room. I'm a girl.

4. Confession #2764: After ripping the red tabs off my window so I could open it Freshman year, I found a website that sold 100 for $8.99. Best investment I ever made.

5. Confession #2713: There are not enough chubby boys at this school. Eat up boys and stop going to the Plex. Chubby chaser problems.


Top 5 Weirdest:

Confession #2816: I've never told my friends this, but I need to get it off my chest. I was conceived in the mods.Confession #2799: I streaked through the mods during Nemo with another girl and a guy.

Confession #2788: Me and my friends have a goal of peeing on every building at BC by time we graduate.

Confession #2764: After ripping the red tabs off my window so I could open it Freshman year, I found a website that sold 100 for $8.99. Best investment I ever made.

Confession #2430: I have an honey mustard.


P.S... Confession #2717: $100 that this is going to be in the Heights, Gavel, or Observer.

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